A meek man can turn cruel

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There is an immutable truth in love life: whoever moves first loses.Two people in the object, congenial too little, the vast majority of all is one side love more, one side love less.Love more, there is no doubt to pay more.This kind of relationship may be more satisfying if he gets something for his efforts.However, if the wishful pay, no gains, or is to obtain the damage of mutiny, we can say that this is also a section of evil love.In the feeling, pay attention to operate together, if always one side considerate pay, the other side forget oneself to accept, this kind of emotional maintenance of the time is very tired of body and mind.Sun Wei and Li Jie have been very sweet since they were in love, especially Li Jie, who was well served by Sun Wei.Sun Wei has been a habitual child since childhood and never does any housework.However, after falling in love with Li Jie, she invited guests and gave gifts to get any housework back.At first, no one expected that Sun Wei would change greatly, but when he met Li Jie, it was a moment of surprise and he was admired by Li Jie’s appearance level.Li Jielong’s figure is hot, work is very individual, she is different from ordinary people, there is a fresh and refined aura.Sun Wei was captured by this kind of elegant aura.From the beginning of the pursuit of perfection, to the marriage, he is almost all of Li Jie.Li Jie doesn’t need to do anything, just like Old Buddha.Very thirsty. Sun Wei holds a glass of water.Tired of work, Sun Wei gave health massage.Underwear cotton socks, Sun Wei to hand wash.Li Jie wanted to eat durian. Sun Wei went to buy durian in the cold wind at midnight.For so many years, Sun Wei listened to Li Jie as always.People say that Li Jie saved the solar system in her previous life and married such a good man in this life.Sun Wei smiled and said nothing, but Li Jie said, “Isn’t a man supposed to be nice to his wife?Perhaps It is Li Jie’s life is too comfortable and easy, when bored, the in the mind moves restlessly.She has recently become obsessed with livestream, where thousands of male fans send her into the cloud every day with gifts and adulation.Gradually more and more indifferent to Sun Wei.Intoxicated with the happiness of the Internet, she is not very satisfied, she wants to pursue the perfect more interesting things.She went on the air and said she could have dinner with her on Sunday.There is no shortage of millionaires on the Internet.Several men have been captured by Li Jie for her looks and sexual advances.Therefore every Sunday Li Jie is meeting late night tryst male netizens.From the tryst of the first to the affair after many times, Li Jie forget oneself, she not only did not feel ashamed, but feel very proud.At the beginning, Sun Wei did not notice li Jie’s abnormal behavior.But there are no walls without air.After playing for a long time, SUN Wei, I finally found that Li Jie often goes out.Although Sun Wei is very obedient to Li Jie, it does not mean that Sun Wei is an erleng.He can pay all for Zhao Ying, but if Zhao Ying rebelled against him, he is not easy to blindly pay one side of wishful thinking.Also be an excitant tryst, Li Jie is like before with male netizen enthusiastic interaction exchange.But when they prepared for a duel in advance, the door was kicked open by Sun Wei.To deal with the angry Sun Wei, Li Jie suddenly had a trace of excitement and restlessness, he grasped Sun Wei’s hand and begged.I was tricked out of it.That will never happen again.But in emotion, if one’s heart is broken.Then he will be more and more extremely rational, will appear very rational.Sun Wei is doing the same thing now. Although he loves Li Jie very much, he also wants to give everything to Li Jie.He spared no effort to serve Li Jie, never wish Li Jie would be sorry to him.His heart now has been completely hurt by Li Jie, he suddenly like a change of a person, no longer as gentle as in the past.However, sun Wei, who was well-educated, did not lash out or split his head. He just quietly withdrew from the room.Li Jie returned home, waiting for her is a paper divorced demand.In Li Jie’s heart, Sun Wei has always been her licking dog, so sun Wei is definitely inseparable from her, but unexpectedly, Sun Wei needs to leave her so soon.After the divorce, sun wei’s personality and user reviews were so good that it didn’t take long for someone to explain new goals to him.He also learned a lesson from his last relationship.Confidence to spend your life with a woman who understands.Passed a period of time, Sun Wei met Li Jie again imperceptibly, he feels Li Jie life can be varied certainly, think of Li Jie however in a paragraph of affection on, because of oneself affectation, friends point the finger at him, family people also broke contact with her.Add that she did not have a source of income, the daily life of fear.Emotions, she learned, could not bear indulgence.When a person gives to her from the heart, she should cherish, not forget to run amokay.After all, when a person is truly damaged.Like a broken bathroom mirror, it is unlikely ever to overlap.In love and marriage, there are few people who agree with each other.But when we’re looking for a partner, we also need to temper our many little tantrums.In many places need to think, see the other side to consider.A person who works hard will be motivated to stick to it only if he gets a relative return.If blindly is self – pleasing, and a long time will make him tired of that kind of life, resulting in the final marriage breakdown.