Guangxi: woman pushed drunk indecent male death, by family claims 870,000, the court: justifiable defense

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Drinking has advantages and disadvantages, appropriate drinking, can dilate blood vessels, relax the body and mind, make its mood.But drinking too much can do more harm than good.The so-called drinking is wrong, drinking loss of wisdom, refers to the people in excessive drinking, the brain will be alcohol paralysis, then their own heart ugly desire will swarm out, so that they stepped on the irreparable situation, stem out of illegal crime.Xiangzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Jan. 25.Internet users said: about two years ago, a molestation case in Xiangzhou, Guangxi province was finally concluded, the court recently gave the final verdict.It is understood that the case is about: one day in May 2020, Ms. Pan and her colleagues together to attend a party in the company.In the dinner, many male colleagues toasted each other, so one after another, time unknowingly has arrived late at night.Out of politeness, Pan wanted to wait until the wine fair was over before going home, but when she checked the time, she realized it was 1 am and got up to go home.Ms. Pan just said that he wanted to go home, but was his day and night to get along with a male colleague to retain, Ms. Pan several times refused, but the male colleague is still adamant, strongly asked Ms. Pan to stay.As he spoke, the man came drunkenly from the other end of the table to Ms. Pan. Out of kindness, Ms. Pan saw that he was unsteady on his feet and tried to help him.Did not expect this male colleague but suddenly lewd, a hug miss Pan do not let go, but also on Ms. Pan, forced to kiss Ms. Pan, the public saw, not only did not stop, but is excited to laugh.After being molested by a male colleague, Ms. Pan struggled with her hands and pushed the man away. Several times before, she succeeded in pushing the man away, but the man who was pushed away did not stop encroachment, but was more and more excessive with alcohol.When the man came up for the last time, Ms. Pan tried all her strength to push the man away, but unexpectedly this push caused the man to step on the bottle on the ground, causing the man to fall heavily on the ground, his head hit the corner of the table and the ground, and then coma.After hospital treatment and more than ten days of coma, the man finally died.Her family sued Pan for intentional injury and demanded 870,000 yuan in compensation.Ms Pan was shocked and the two sides waged a two-year legal battle.Recently, the court also announced the final verdict, the final court rejected the molestation of the man’s family members to 870,000 yuan in compensation, and found that Ms. Pan was justified in self-defense, not any responsibility.As soon as the verdict was handed down, Pan was relieved, and many concerned netizens agreed with the court’s assertion of justifiable defense.This farce is officially over.Lao Jiang wanted to say: This case was originally the fault of the man molesting Lady Pan with wine. Lady Pan struggled to resist many times, and even felt her life was threatened, so she pushed away the man again and again.Ms. Pan has been fighting for her life and has no intention of intentionally hurting people, but her family members still have the audacity to ask for compensation of 870,000 yuan, which makes people feel ridiculous.Men are not afraid of drinking, afraid of drunk can not control their own behavior, do some illegal and criminal things, so no matter how much to drink, do not lose themselves, otherwise the consequences are very serious.What do you think?