Haikou Coast Police: “We are on duty, staying up for the Motherland”

2022-07-13 0 By

The Spring Festival is a time for family reunion. Behind the lights of thousands of families, there are such a group of people who stick to their posts, cruise maritime frontiers and stay up for the motherland with loyalty.Today, we go to haikou Marine Police Bureau in Hainan province to see how the Spring Festival is spent by the guardians of Haijiang.Siren sounded, haikou coast police bureau of law enforcement boats began a new day of cruise.Haikou Maritime Police bureau under the jurisdiction of qiongzhou Strait is one of the busiest waters in China, this year’s Spring Festival transport, qiongzhou Strait passenger roll traffic is expected to have double-digit growth, the busy waterway, to ensure the safety of vessels and personnel on the waterway, is the top priority of the maritime police officers during the Spring Festival.And the protection of submarine cables, to prevent people taking advantage of the Spring Festival illegal fishing, illegal sand mining, or smuggling, drug trafficking, etc., are also closely watched by the coast police.Zheng Chaohong, a Marine police officer in Haikou, Hainan province, told Knews: “During the Spring Festival, we take 24-hour shifts on duty. During this period, we can make sure that we get to the scene as soon as possible and deal with the situation as soon as possible.”Coast guard boats for law enforcement from the terminal departure cruising the waters of their jurisdiction, need at least 3 hours each time, if the ship is, the time will be longer, and during the Spring Festival, the qiongzhou strait due to the influence of cold air, sea wind wave fierce, such circumstance for coast guard law enforcement member, is a normal during their Spring Festival.Hu and his companions work 24 hours a day in three shifts on a boat off the qiongzhou Strait near no. 1 beacon.This is young Hu qiantao’s second Spring Festival on the job.They were guarding a ship with six floors and spent more than an hour at a time inspecting the cabins and decks.Hu Qiantao, a law enforcement officer with haikou Coast Police Bureau in Hainan Province, told Knews: “We should focus on checking whether the machinery works properly, whether the bottom of the ship leaks, whether the cabin is a fire hazard, and whether the crew members involved have bad motives. We should not relax for a moment.The wheelhouse is where we spend the most time, mainly to prevent the crew involved from piloting the ship off without permission.”As long as the case is still being handled, the coast guard officers cannot leave the ship involved to ensure its safety and the presence of the personnel.Coast guard officers abandon their homes and stick to their posts on ships to celebrate the Lunar New Year.Wang Yanhao, law enforcement officer of Haikou Coast Police Bureau said, “When I think of the prosperity of the motherland, the peace and stability of the sea, and the reunion of thousands of people at this moment, we are protected by us, and I feel a sense of pride in my heart.We stay up with our families, we stay up with our motherland!”During the cruise, the coastguard officers did not forget to send New Year’s greetings to the fishermen and sailors who were still busy at sea during the Spring Festival, as well as their exhortations.In the wind and waves, Zheng Chaohong is still in the cab closely watching;In the anchorage, Hu Qiantao is still carefully patrolling the deck, in this Spring Festival, there are a group of unknown coast police like them to give up the opportunity to reunite with their families, with day and night cruise guard ten thousand fishing fire, with the long track in more than 8,000 square kilometers of blue territory to write down the blessing of the New Year.(Look at Knews reporter: Ao Defang Fuya Wang Zebin Correspondent: Ye Chaomao Li Xuan Intern Editor: Qin Yujia)