How to screen OPPO TV?How to operate OPPO TV projection screen?

2022-07-13 0 By

OPPO TV has attracted many consumers to buy it, but some users do not know how to display OPPO TV after buying it.Here is how OPPO TV screen casting tutorial.In fact, it is ok to install a Dangbei projection screen. 1. Install Dangbei Market baidu search Dangbei market, enter dangbei market official website, download the installation package to the USB flash drive, insert the USB flash drive into the TV, the TV will pop up and choose to open.Find the dangbeimarket installation package in dangbeimarket, click install the first installation will be prompted, select allow in Settings.After the Settings are complete, select the installation package again.2. Install Dangbei Screen Casting After installing Dangbei market, search dangbei market, download and install Dangbei screen casting.It should be noted that the first time you download software in the Dangbei market will prompt.Click on Settings, go to Dangbei Marketplace, and select Allow Dangbei Marketplace to install the app.3. Mobile screen casting TV Keep the mobile phone and TV on the same WIFI, find the screen casting function key on the video playing page of mobile video software, and select Screen Casting to.This software screen without opening ads, support a variety of screen protocols.If you don’t know how to cast a screen on OPPO TV, you can try this tutorial.