“Hubei Drama” brings together students and Dan jing Chou to worship the New Year, and will be broadcast on the first day of the Spring Festival in 2022 in Hubei Province

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Extreme news reporter Zhang Cong correspondent Zhang Bin beauty, drama, hipster…A show of unique charm of Chinese opera art, excavating the profound connotation of Jingchu culture, highlighting the ingenuity of the spirit of The Times of Hubei — the 2022 Hubei Spring Festival opera special program “Hubei Drama” will be on the first day of the Year of the Tiger (February 1) at 7:35 PM through Hubei SATELLITE TV to meet the national audience.See beautiful scenery, listening to drama, hubei is a different type of theatre performances, innovative to recording location set to yellow crane tower, mount wudang jinding, yichang three gorges somebody else, suizhou museum, Tan Xinpei summer, hankou town play wharf, bo Lin han street “web celebrity landmarks such as hubei, using the technique of TV speak good” story “of hubei province, in the present drama art at the same time,At the same time, it also shows the broad and profound culture of Jingchu, the lovely and moving Hubei and the hard-won happy life of jingchu children after the storm.It is reported that this program in each landmark on the basis of full reality shooting, the introduction of VR, XR and other latest technological means of post-production, the integration of science and technology aesthetics and quality content, the application of the latest scientific and technological means for the content service, for the effect of color, trying to present an impressive audio-visual feast for the audience.While focusing on the cultural theme of “Drama dock”, Hubei Drama also strives to pursue the diversification and fashion of artistic presentation: Li Yugang sings the famous song “Ten thousand Frontiers” on wudang Jinding;Tan Xiaozeng, Tan Zhengyan and his son sang the century-old classic dingjun Mountain;Zhu Shihui’s “Encounter with Zeng Houyi” in Suizhou Museum;Rapper VAVA’s opera punk “My New Clothes” by Optics Valley Fashion;Wan Xiaohui hand in hand to fight the epidemic white soldiers together in the cross-time MV “Believe that love will win”;Yu Kuizhi and Li Shengsu, “the first golden partner of Peking Opera”, sang “Romantic Numbers on the Yangtze River” on the Yellow Crane Tower…These programs with opera unique expression, strung up the culture which is closely linked with the jingchu earth history, local conditions and customs, and focus on current affairs, history and modern, tradition and fashion skillfully combine together, let the audience see in a 80 – minute show “is not the same, not the same as hubei wuhan”, not only see the beauty of the hubei mountains, hear opera face a flower,More can feel the vigorous hubei in the land of more than 50 million Jingchu children to forge ahead.Meanwhile, the show will not only be broadcast on TV screens. It is reported that the Drama of Hubei and its wonderful short videos will also be launched simultaneously on all media platforms such as Changjiang Cloud, Douyin, Sina, Baidu and Tencent.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.