Lanzhou released the telephone number for consultation on epidemic prevention and control

2022-07-13 0 By

Lanzhou epidemic prevention and control advisory telephone network in gansu daily published January 30 – (running, the lanzhou morning post reporter Wang Sixuan) for smooth communication channels, convenient masses consulting epidemic prevention and control policy, on January 29, lanzhou COVID – 19 outbreak zone spreading leading group office announced the lanzhou epidemic prevention and control advisory telephone – lanzhou city at the corresponding level:Chengguan District: 0931-12345, 0931-8762070 Qilihe: 0931-2663232 Anning district: 0931-7666194 Xigu District: 0931-7540306 Honggu District: 0931-6211658 Yuzhong County:0931-5234573 Yongdeng County: 0931-6423806 Gaolan County: 0931-5727307 High-tech Zone: 0931-8358791