Versailles C5 X owner: The global quality is really worth believing

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As the saying goes, gold and silver awards are not as good as people’s praise, gold cups and silver cups are not as good as users’ public praise.Previously, The “global quality” of Versailles C5 X has been recognized by the industry frequently: it won the “2021 China Top ten Car Body” and the c-NCAP “Five-star” safety rating.Recently, in the “Quality Performance Ranking of Domestic New Cars of Overseas Brands” of the “2021 New Car Quality Report”, Citroen brand again won the crown with the number of faults of domestic new cars (PPH value: 60), which is less than half of the average of the segment market.But xiaobian think, the customer say good, is really good!Dongfeng Citroen in Versailles C5 X c-NCAP crash test period specially invited owners to witness the scene.At the crash site, Versailles C5 X provided sufficient protection for the test dummy with the utilization rate of high-strength steel of the whole body exceeding 80%, the enhanced design of multiple parts of the body and the reasonable energy-absorbing collapse design of the body, and was praised by the owners on site.They believe: “Versailles C5 X is worthy of dongfeng Citroen’s flagship model of ‘Made in Chengdu · Brand new Sales’, no shortcomings of high safety and global quality is very reliable!”Let’s take a look at how owners rate the Versailles C5 X in terms of safety and global quality.@Xiaoxin: “Feel the crash test on site, very shocked!”Many features of the Versailles C5 X are very useful, such as 360-degree panoramic parking image, 3D color eHUD head-up display, adaptive cruise, automatic emergency braking system, lane change assistance, rear camera cleaning…And driving in the city can greatly improve safety and avoid collisions.”This time to witness the Versailles C5 X C-NCAP collision test, Xiao Xin said “opened an eye”, see the tragic collision, as well as Versailles C5 X structure intact crew cabin, let her on the safety of this car more assured.Moadano: “It was very rare and impressive to watch the crash live. It shows dongfeng Citroen’s safety quality as always.” Moadano said he was a “fan of French cars”.Talking about the choice of Versailles C5 X original, he praised dongfeng Citroen solid material, and Versailles C5 X before and after the anti-collision beam is aluminum alloy material, in addition, in environmental protection, Versailles C5 X is also very focused on, the car is used in the original silk fiber soundproof cotton, no odor, and not easy to mold.Moadano talked about the Versailles C5 X.He said, like the Aixin 8AT, active open closed intake grille and other configurations, in the same price model are rare, this car is quite valuable!@ Mr. Ma: “Pillar A does not move, and the four doors can be opened smoothly, so I have A new understanding of the safety of Versailles C5 X.” Mr. Ma has A special status. He is the owner of Versailles C5 X, and also runs A French car shop in Tianjin.Years of contact with Citroen has made him trust and love this French car brand.For the scene witness Versailles C5 X C-NCAP collision test, Mr. Ma said, made of high-strength steel column A, in the safety of the above is beyond doubt;And when 40 percent of the offset impact is complete, all four doors open smoothly.He described the Versailles C5 X’s performance as “very down-to-earth.””Boom and Fall” is a father of two children. Because he thought the price was appropriate, the appearance was unique, and the space layout was reasonable and sufficient, he soon decided to enjoy extraordinary models.Moreover, he usually likes to drive out for self-driving trips and walk around, so when he buys a car, he takes into account the travel purpose and pays more attention to the safety configuration. Versailles C5 X just meets the demand very well.He also mentioned that Citroen is a century-old brand, which is very trustworthy.After watching the collision test this time, I also saw that there was no deformation of AB column in part of the carriage. I felt more assured and trusted when I drove Versailles C5 X for a long journey in the future.Allians Lao Yu: “Witnessed the crash test for the first time, saw the real strength of the brand and product.” “Allians Lao Yu” is a blind ordering owner, bought a spectacular model.He says he loves the variety of driver assistance features, especially in urban driving, such as lane change assistance, forward collision warning, driver fatigue monitoring and rear-facing traffic alerts.After watching the C-NCAP crash test, “Allians old fish”, like other owners, also said: very shocked!In addition to praising the car’s safety, Lao Yu also mentioned the eco-friendly interior of the Versailles C5 X. He said the white soundproof cotton looks very realistic, and the new car feels very tasteless when carried home. The overall quality is quite good.It’s good when the owner says yes.Dongfeng Citroen dares to invite owners to witness the whole process of Versailles C5 X C-NCAP crash test, which fully demonstrates its full confidence in the global quality of Versailles C5 X.In addition, “Enjoy the spring meet Versailles — Versailles C5 X national extraordinary experience season” activities are currently hot nationwide, want to experience the depth of Versailles C5 X comfortable charm of friends, quickly scan the code below the two-dimensional name!At the same time, now buy Versailles C5 X, but also enjoy: 999 yuan down payment, tax package package insurance, pay 3333 yuan a month, “five-star safety” car Versailles C5 X easily drive home activities.We believe that such a “five-star” safety car will bring you more extraordinary life experience.