Xihe Street firmly built the defense line of epidemic prevention and control

2022-07-13 0 By

As the epidemic hits Chengdu, the alarm is sounded again.Xihe Sub-district epidemic prevention and control headquarters responded quickly.We will work hard to ensure the health and safety of the people.The three-level emergency response plan of the street, village (community) and community was immediately activated. All 239 members of the street’s rapid response team cancelled their weekend leave, and all staff of the street headquarters returned to work.Commandos from each village (community) were formed, and 20 volunteers led by the cadres of the “two committees” were dispatched to the community, village group and enterprise to conduct comprehensive investigation and statistics on people with sojourn history in key areas.To build a defence, race against time and time race, will be trying to wade plague “red code” “yellow”, big data push relevant personnel and guide residents swept login code online platform for the wisdom of “club” is reported to the active information provided as a key, the prevention and control by the owner group, your community, building unit WeChat group launched online launch and gate of off-line mode, such as key area requirement to return,Take the initiative to report online and offline according to regulations, carry out comprehensive investigation by taking multiple measures simultaneously, and feedback the investigation situation every 2 hours.Compaction, in accordance with the principle of local administrator and industry director responsibility, street departments or station (by) sinks with villages (communities), the farmer’s market, strengthen the village management in public places such as “five small” industry, strictly implement the “temperature sweep + code + wearing masks” prevention and control measures, to urge enterprises and businesses earnestly implement the epidemic prevention and control main body responsibility,We will ensure that all epidemic prevention and control measures are in place, and report to the public at the earliest possible time.Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes.Xihe organ cadres heard the order and moved, in the epidemic prevention line writing responsibility.