“Five one” to the isolation point of the masses warm Spring Festival

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At the 179th press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Tianjin yesterday, Li Xiaoxia, Deputy District Head of The People’s Government of Hebei District, introduced that since confirmed COVID-19 cases were found in Hebei District on January 26, in accordance with the work requirements of the Municipal prevention and control Headquarters,We will speed up efforts to stop the spread of the epidemic by conducting nucleic acid tests on a large scale, carrying out personnel control by classification, and ensuring people’s livelihood and medical needs.First, implement personnel management and control by precise classification.Under the guidance of the municipal prevention and control Headquarters, according to the development and changes of the epidemic situation, the scope of containment, control and prevention areas will be adjusted dynamically and timely, containment and control points will be set up, and control measures will be strictly implemented.For the current containment area, resolutely implement regional closure, stay indoors, door-to-door service containment measures.For the current control area, personnel shall not go out of the control area, and all entrances and exits shall be closed, and gathering is strictly prohibited.For the prevention areas, the public should be guided not to leave them unless necessary, do a good job of self-health monitoring, minimize going out, and take nucleic acid tests regularly.At the same time, the suspension of Internet cafes, entertainment venues, public cultural venues, sports construction sites, parks and other places all activities.Second, we will do everything possible to ensure people’s livelihood.Encourage online shopping for the masses in the enclosed and controlled areas, and then the grid staff will deliver the goods to residents’ doorsteps within 24 hours.Coordinate and promote multiple online e-commerce platforms to provide supply insurance for the Spring Festival.Only on January 29, more than 4,000 orders were placed online, with a daily supply of about 20 tons.Offline supply points will be set up in the control area. One person from each family can buy daily necessities at the designated place every two days.In the prevention area of Wanghailou Street and Jianchang Road, 25 offline protection points have been set up with a daily supply of 73 tons.In ningyuan Street, Wangchuanchang street newly demarcated prevention area, set up 5 temporary protection points, put into use urgently.At the same time, free Chinese New Year gift packages will be distributed to residents of the sealed area.Third, we will strengthen the guarantee of basic medical needs.While properly allocating medical personnel to epidemic prevention and control, the government has also made proper arrangements for medical assistance, giving top priority to treating patients and meeting people’s needs for medical services.The city’s first hospital was identified as a designated hospital for treating patients with various diseases in middle and high risk areas.Li xiaoxia introduced that, in order to make the people in the quarantine point have a warm and festive Spring Festival, Hexi District will take “five one” measures: one is to visit the quarantine point, the district leaders visit the quarantine point through video connection and other means of condolence, while visiting the staff.The second is a letter of condolence to the quarantined people.The third is a Gift package for the Spring Festival, including “Little fu”, “Chinese knot” and festive snacks.Fourth, a set of special meals for the Spring Festival. During the Spring Festival, people in quarantine will be provided with various kinds of food every day, such as dumplings, snacks, fruits, nuts, etc., to ensure rich nutrition.Five is to give each child a toy, let the children happy New Year.