Sinology commonly used allusions: stealing stealing, unprecedented and unique story

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Stealing: In the Northern Song Dynasty, mi Fu, a famous painter and calligrapher, was very keen on collecting authentic paintings and calligraphy. In order to get the paintings and calligraphy he wanted, he did everything he could, first under the pretext of observing and studying, then dragging, and finally returning his copy to the master.CAI Jing, the prime minister, was also a painter and calligrapher.Mi Fu thought of many ways to get Wang xizhi’s words through CAI Jing’s son CAI You.See song. Su Shi in “second rhyme Mi Fu two wang Book Postscript tail” poem records.Later it came to mean using various methods to get money.Liang Shaoren in the “two kinds of Autumn Rain in an essay. Small county little monuments” in writing: “small small city, humble shame, cover had to steal the trip opportunely.”Unprecedented: During the Jin Dynasty, the great painter Gu Kaizhi painted realistic and vivid characters.In the Southern Dynasty, liang dynasty, painter Zhang Seng you was good at painting landscape figures.Wu Daozi, a painter from the Tang Dynasty, excelled at his combination of painting and calligraphy.Later generations say that Gu Kaizhi’s achievements exceed those of his predecessors, zhang Sengyou’s are unsurpassed, but Wu Daozi is unprecedented.See Song. Zhao Ji recorded in Xuan he Painting Spectrum.Later, it was used hyperbolically to mean unique.Qing Wu, who works at the 16th chapter of the History of Pain, wrote, “Three generations of grandfathers and grandsons have been senators of three dynasties, which can really be called ‘unprecedented and rare’.”