The former partner sued Deng Lun, claiming 17.6 million yuan, and the major part involved has not been moved

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Deng posted an apology on social media after he was caught cheating on taxes, saying he “will work hard.”The message that I will work hard was interpreted as an expression that I still want to make money well.Of course, deng Lun may not have a chance in the near future.Deng Lun’s personal social media accounts and studio accounts were quickly blocked.Deng Lun was naturally included in the army of “artists with tainted bad deeds”.He once starred in “Heavy Honey like frost”, “Begonia Through rain Rouge”, “Ode to Joy” and other works, the cast list and posters were deleted from him.After that, it seemed to “recover his name” for a short time.When the masses are waiting for “whether Deng Lun’s works will be removed from the shelves”, a former partner of Deng Lun sued the news, quickly caused attention.A brand sued Deng Lun, asking deng Lun and his agent to return the endorsement fee of 12.8 million yuan, but also claims 4.8 million yuan for breach of contract.The two add up to 17.6 million yuan.At that time, Deng Lun was publicized tax evasion that day, the morning also officially announced to become a brand spokesperson.According to the content of the circular of the tax department, we know that the tax department has interviewed Deng Lunfang for many times, that is to say, Deng Lunfang should have been informed of the result of the treatment in advance.Netizens generally believe that it is very “unhumane” to conceal the truth and not tell the cooperative brand, allowing the other party to maintain the official publicity and cause huge losses to the other party under the condition that they know they will be publicized and become tax-evading artists.It is unclear whether deng’s former partner, who is now suing him, is the same “sucker”.No matter with is not, if Deng Lun fails to fulfill the contract, be sued for compensation, it is natural and just thing.It is worth noting that Deng Lun has a number of completed works, due to his reasons, the probability of normal screening.For example, Deng Lun and Ni Ni co-starred in Night Traveler.The follow-up routine of Night Traveler should be to find a new leading actor for reshooting, and then achieve “head change” through AI technology.As we all know, such operation cycle is long, high cost, and poor effect.The plays “Win the World” and “Pin Line”, which were delayed due to major performance problems, have not been shown yet.Plays that use “head swapping” to replace actors, such as “Times of Glory”, have also been mocked for their different styles and obvious photoshop.In the wake of jeong and Oh s scandal, some of the cast members have filed a lawsuit against jeong and Oh for damages.It is unclear whether Night Traveler will Sue Deng and his agent.Previously, Yu zheng broke the story in ABCDE, telling the story of a headstrong agent who interfered with casting and angered the platform boss.Yu zheng’s Revelations are believed to correspond to Deng Lun’s manager, Gong Yuhan: He tried to interfere in the co-production of Li Qin and Jin Chen in the hope of replacing Jin Chen, who had been having an affair with Deng Lun, and eventually angered iQiyi executives.In the final lineup of this drama, there is Jin Chen, but there is no Li Qin, was replaced by Li Yitong.Of course, although Yu Zheng leaked a lot of pointing information, but did not name names, it is hard to say whether the story is true.If Deng Lun’s manager, Gong Yuhan, is such a megalomaniacal lawless man, there may be more than a few former partners who have long held grudges against him.This makes it a natural move to Sue for compensation in the event of heavy losses caused by his involvement in the project.We will keep an eye on what happens next.