To ensure fair markets, subsidies must be removed

2022-07-14 0 By

Yesterday saw CCTV financial commentator Liu Ge teacher said, farmers do not hope to save the market, to let the market play a decisive role.For this point of view, Mr. Egg very agree, since it is a market economy, let the market decide the price, demand exceeds supply price, oversupply price falls, fair and reasonable.However, in order to give full play to market regulation, we must ensure the fairness of market competition and completely abolish the subsidy policy of supporting the big and suppressing the small.We cannot emphasize the importance of the market when we need it, and trample on the basic principles of the market when we do not need it.Pork is the top agricultural and sideline product in China. As the saying goes, “pig food is stable and the world is safe”. Meanwhile, pig raising has been one of the main sideline industries of Chinese farmers since ancient times.Therefore, the pig industry is not only shouldering the responsibility of ensuring the supply of pork for the whole society, but also shouldering the responsibility of increasing farmers’ income and realizing rural revitalization and common prosperity.Especially for the latter, raising pigs and chickens is one of the few ways for farmers to increase their income. In rural areas, farming can only guarantee food rations, township enterprises have long been turned off, and rural tourism is falling apart due to the impact of the epidemic. How can we achieve rural revitalization?You can’t just shout slogans and do it.Market economy is not only to regulate prices through the market, but more importantly, to let the subjects with high production efficiency and low cost survive and develop and eliminate the subjects with low efficiency and high cost through fair market competition.The so-called counter-cyclical regulation mechanism, when the fertility of sows drops to a certain proportion, it will give subsidies to large-scale pig farms, etc., which is a typical behavior that undermines the principle of market fairness.All mature economies in the world are dominated by small and micro enterprises. In China, small and micro enterprises and self-employed people also create a large number of jobs. Why are small and micro farmers discriminated against in animal husbandry?Mr Egg has always had a question that has puzzled him: what is the point of supporting large-scale farms?To stabilize the supply of meat, poultry, eggs and milk?So why is family farming the dominant model around the world?To allow large farms to export pork and compete internationally?Import a lot of high-priced grain to raise pigs, keep virus and fecal contamination in the country, and export cheap pork abroad?A good judge must adhere to the principle of fairness, and the criteria for subsidies are food safety, biosafety and environmental protection, not size.Either meet the standards are filled, or do not fill, inaction is a pattern, need great wisdom.The above is my personal opinion, for reference only, Mr. Egg February 16, 2022 night (end)