It’s snowing in Yibin!

2022-07-15 0 By

Early this morning, a junbin net user posted to tell us that there is a great snow in his hometown, Junlian Great snow Mountain, making a great white mountain. It’s so beautiful!Now, we can junlian highway, making a one-hour trip from Yibin by car. During the Spring Festival holiday, we can junlian highway to soak in a hot spring or see a snowy scene together. What a great feeling!I heard there are Also Jue Xi Tiangong Mountain, Xing Wen xian Feng snow, now, follow xiaobian together to enjoy the beautiful snow of Xian Feng!After the snow fairy peak like a splash-ink landscape painting, everything in front is so simple and elegant jingmei.Covered with snow, Xianyunfeng Resort is quiet, beautiful and romantic, as if stepping into a fairyland.Do you know where it snows in Yibin?