Liao as wonderful continuation of the Spring Festival Gala, the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival again

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At 21:15 on the evening of The Lantern Festival on February 15, Liaoning SATELLITE TV will continue the wonderful gala of the 2022 Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala. It will add a fire of enthusiasm for the audience to enjoy the festival. The classic skits will burst into laughter and humorous featureswonderful interaction.Love to create an interesting, sentient, interactive, lucky “Lantern Festival joy feast”.The birth of the series of derivative programs of Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala reflects the integration, innovation and regeneration of the brand program resources of The Spring Festival Gala, which not only greatly stretches the brand influence and attention cycle of Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala, but also enables the national audience to experience happiness and harmony during the Traditional Chinese Festival, and comprehensively improves the brand influence.If liaoning TV’s Spring Festival Gala is the “leader” of its unique Spring Festival program — “Warm Spring Festival season on Earth” series of brand programs, then, as the final work of this program, “Joyfully Make Lantern Festival” will inject more creative content favored by the audience and make the program full of highlights.”Joyfully make Lantern Festival” will be broadcast live, through carefully designed interactive links, selected this year’s Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala popular language programs to be broadcast.These programs, funny or sensational, were given high praise by the audience when they were broadcast. Now, they are reappearing on the screen again, which will surely evoke the memories and enthusiastic responses of the audience for the festive and reunion elements of the Spring Festival.Not only that, “Joyfully Make Yuanxiao” also integrates the audience’s favorite comedians, selected on stage and behind the scenes of the interesting snippets and guests, one by one.In addition, the program also guess lantern riddles, the Lantern Festival and other traditional customs to do a full of happy articles, so that the whole program is bright and cheerful, happy reunion, New Year’s creative characteristics of a new atmosphere.Over the years, Liaofi Spring Festival Gala has always adhered to the festive and warm “New Year flavor” and infected the audience with the characteristics of both ideological connotation and artistic charm. It has been regarded by the audience as “the most appropriate”, “the most festive” and “the most sentimental” Spring Festival Gala, and has become a benchmark for the industry to explore and learn from.Recently, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television released this year’s provincial Spring Festival Gala ratings data, liaoshi Spring Festival Gala ranked first.This festival has both the flavor of home and the characteristics of northern regions. On the night of family reunion on the 15th day of the first lunar month, the festival will present a happy and tender entertainment feast for the national audience with full energy, profound and down-to-earth programs.Source: Liaoning Daily · Northland client review: Bai Ying, Wang Haiying Editor: Li Ruoyan editor: Lu Jing