Life winner!China’s Olympic hardware king will marry a sports goddess at the age of 33

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On February 19 (Beijing time), Olympic gymnast Zou Kai posted a photo of his baby on social media, writing: “Brother Orange is waiting for Sister Peaches. My wife has worked hard @ZhouJie 1107.”Zou Kai’s daughter was born. Zou Kai, 33 years old, is worthy of being a winner in life. He has two children and is married to the rhythmic gymnastics goddess.Zou Kai had a good harvest at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, winning three gold MEDALS in men’s team, floor exercise and horizontal bar.Zou also won two gold MEDALS in men’s team and floor exercise at the 2012 London Olympics.Zou Kai became the first member of the Chinese Olympic team to win five gold MEDALS.Zou Kai captured the heart of zhou Jie, the goddess of artistic gymnastics, in the athlete’s time.In an interview, Mr. Zou acknowledged that he and Mr. Zhou had known each other since 2007.Zhou Jie in the national team of rhythmic gymnastics, Zou Kai in the national team of gymnastics, two people in some occasions will meet, and then know each other, and have a hazy feelings.During the Beijing Olympic Games, Zou Kai will call Zhou Jie after each competition “report”.After the Olympics, Zou Kai was already the king of gold, and he began a formal relationship with Zhou Jie.Zou kai and Zhou Jie officially registered their marriage in 2013.In 2019, Zou Kai and Zhou Jie’s son was born.Zou Kai and Zhou Jie officially announced their second child on August 8, 2021.Now they have a baby girl.Zou kai has a successful career. He missed the 2016 Rio Olympics due to injury, retired that year and went on to study for a master’s degree in sports management at Beijing Sport University.The Sichuan provincial sports bureau appointed Zou as the director of the provincial gymnastics Management Center in 2020.Zou Kai is worthy of being a winner in life.