Lol: Xiao Tian became the 2nd LPL?That’s twice as much traffic as TheShy, only one behind God

2022-07-15 0 By

For those of you who have been following the post-game discussion on various forums after the LPL contest, it’s not Knight or JKL who’s been the most popular player in TES lately.As for why he’s so hot, it’s probably because of his Bo3 performance against IG, in which he turned against himself and his teammates in the opening game and lost a game that many netizens thought TES would win.After the end of the game many net friends directly to the small day of harsh words, can not stand any more.And some viewers are concerned about the heat of xiao Tian to what extent, now there are detailed data can show.Some net friends statistics in a recent period of time, after each team played a match, and players about the number of posts.As you can see below, the highest WBG team is undoubtedly TheShy, with 129 posts.However, Xiao Tian is higher than TheShy, coming to 258 posts, far more than JKL and Wayward alone, and even twice as much as TheShy.It is worth mentioning that this statistics is not included in the black call, such as small day has not been how to like the “second uncle” this kind of keywords are not included.And as some netizens may have heard, a rating post on a tiebar has been sprayed thousands of floors in just a few days.That is to say, and small day related posts all put together statistics, small day is now no problem LPL traffic second person.As for who is the first, there is no doubt that It is Uzi. Even if Xiao Tian has already done so, he still does not have the strength to compete with Uzi head-on.In the last game, TES beat AL 2-0. Zhao Xin and Ma Xin played exceptionally well in xiao Tian’s game, winning two CONSECUTIVE MVPS.His performance in this match was totally different from the IG game, he didn’t invade the field in the early stage, but after slowly looking for opportunities, he was obviously more normal.Unfortunately, however, small day wind review did not pass this game and reverse, stand up for small day’s fans are indeed there, but on the stage dissatisfaction with small day’s audience compared, it seems that some not enough to see.The reason for this situation may be that the audience is too “disappointed”, some of the performance expected by the audience before the game did not succeed in this match.That’s a good thing for TES, but it may not be so for some melon eaters.TES is now the representative of “fun”, this kind of “flat” victory is not what the audience wants to see, many viewers want to see the whole job, either lose badly, or win badly, crushing AL, such a smooth game, the heat is not so high.All in all, xiao Tian’s current wind rating is quite dangerous.Just one Bo3 performance won’t get him to turn it around, too many people are watching him, waiting for him to do something weird in the game.So I hope xiaotianyi can continue to cheer, the bright label is no one cares about this thing, but the key is to match the strength and performance of the bright label, like Wayward, otherwise even if it is to win, but also can not escape the audience ridicule.