“Still gas” actress tears, speechless complaints Hollywood “right”, is a helpless move

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There is no most ridiculous, only more ridiculous.Hollywood’s magic realism drama has let many audiences see Hollywood’s “middle two”, in addition to “black expensive”, there is actually “black supremacy” thought.On February 5, Awkwafina posted a statement on her social media platform about her previous use of an African-American accent.Acknowledging that there was a “sociopolitical background” to the allegations, Ocafina laid out how AfricAn-Americans had been systematically oppressed throughout American history, and that their cultures had historically been “stolen, exploited and possessed by the dominant culture for financial gain without acknowledging or respecting the roots of these cultures.”She added that the problem now exists on social media platforms, as well as music by non-black creators.However, Awkwafina said: “I must stress, however, that my intention was not to be derisive, belittling, unkind or at the expense of others in any way possible.I never was, and I still am.”And finally announced that he was quitting the social media platform.Awkwafina, many people may not be familiar with, or even heard of the name.But when it comes to the heroine of “Shangqi”, I believe many people will have an impression.Since the casting announcement, simu Liu and Awkwafina have been reviled by many Marvel fans for their looks.In particular, Liu Simu in personal social platform, several improper remarks, is the storm to the hot spot.Compared with Liu Simu, Okafina is much more low-key.Later, after the release of “Still Air,” there was much less discussion about Awkwafina.After all, it is capital that does evil, and Awkwafina herself is also a migrant worker who takes money to work, and she is also a member of the tianya Society, so why should she be in such a hurry?In addition, Awkwafina made her name in Hollywood, not as an actress, but as a host, stand-up comedian.Those who have watched American talk shows know that, different from the development of domestic talk shows that prefer text, American talk shows pay more attention to performance.In addition, due to the reasons of audiences, American talk shows basically take a teasing attitude towards some social problems in the Us.Race is one of the most intriguing issues.So it’s not unusual for Awkwafina to do her stand-up show in a different American accent.But perhaps even Awkwafina herself did not realize that she was being blamed for this.This shows how wrong some of the “right” thinking can be in Hollywood.Hollywood’s Magic Reality Many people have heard the “right” thinking and “right” behavior in Hollywood.Even in Hollywood movies, there are a lot of “right” actors.One of the most typical acts is the film Black Panther produced by Marvel.From the cast to the director to the entire crew, black people are basically “pure black” and “100% correct” movies.As a result, Black Panther went on to earn $1.3 billion at the box office and even win several Oscars.Thus, “right” in Hollywood.Even some of the other classic characters have gone dark.For example, the “Black Superman” project is under construction.And the Little Mermaid, whose cast has already been cast;Even Snow White is in danger of becoming the Black Pearl.Foreign audiences can understand Hollywood’s “efforts” for “racial equality”, but when such actions and efforts are made, they have gone too far.Even some viewers found that these behaviors and efforts are just the slogans of capital when it is carrying out a new round of leek cutting.You can imagine how disgusted the audience is with this behavior.This kind of talk is all about doctrine, all about business, is a common operation of Hollywood capital.But is this “right” really the “right” they think it is?03. In the history of human civilization, the “correct” idea of racial equality that has been toyed with is indeed a progress of civilization.But looking back, Hollywood’s “right”, in addition to the original slogan, is basically accompanied by the “zero yuan purchase” campaign.Martin Luther King’s slogan and dream, nearly 100 years old, have yet to come true.Is Hollywood inherently unequal?In fact, otherwise, in addition to capital mouth on the doctrine to think business.In Hollywood, some black actors do not care about equality, and even take the initiative to use it as profit or privilege.So that they could have a bigger voice and a bigger stake in Hollywood.For example, Ray Fisher, who played Steelbone, failed to live up to Warner’s expectations after the release of Justice League.Straight cut steel bone personal film.Ray Fisher also directly against Warner, claiming that the studio discriminated against him as a black actor.It caused quite a stir at the time, even the Rashomon incident.Because Ray Fisher said Warner discriminated against him, but he didn’t show any real evidence;Warner also said that it sent investigators, but Lefischer did not cooperate with the investigation;And Ray Fisher said, “Your investigator must be working for you white people, etc.”After the whole farce, the audience basically understood the nature of both sides.It is true that black people suffer from discrimination in Hollywood, but when the idea of “equality” advocated becomes a tool used for profit, the so-called “equality” also becomes a joke.In addition, when black Hollywood people talk about equality, they just want to look down on other people.”My immigrant background has allowed me to achieve my American identity through movies and television, through my public school classmates, and through my love and respect for hip-hop music,” awkwafina added in her statement.”I think as part of the AsiAn-American community, we’re still trying to figure out what the process of gaining identity means, what’s right, where we belong.And I’m still learning…”Awkwafina was born in New York to a Chinese-American father and a Korean mother.She herself grew up in the United States. Generally speaking, except for her Asian appearance, her education and even her circle should be very American.But judging from awkwafina’s statement, it seems that even though she grew up in the United States, she did not get the sense of identity and belonging that she should have, and even discrimination.So she kept looking, even after being netted, her attitude was still very humble.As soon as Awkwafina’s statement was issued, it caused a lot of controversy.While many Americans online felt awkwafina had nothing to apologize for, others said they felt the statement was irresponsible.One wrote: “Wait a minute.Why are you trying to impose your personal behavior on Asian people who grew up like you, when you’re making a lot of money with an African-American accent?”Another added, “It’s crazy to blame someone else when you’re supposed to solve the problem yourself.”This shows that Hollywood magic realism drama, really is getting more and more outrageous.