Suzhou, here we come!While the protest was going on

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Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Suzhou, suqian has been paying close attention to and preparing for the outbreak at any time. On the afternoon of February 17th, after receiving an urgent notice from the Provincial Health Commission, Suqian moved and gathered quickly.Immediately transferred by nanjing gulou hospital group suqian hospital, suqian first people’s hospital, suqian hospital, siyang county people’s hospital, siyang county, suqian Zhong Wu hospital hospital, siyang county condar hospitals, suqian the centers for disease control and prevention, etc. Eight 25 outstanding inspectors appointed medical units of suqian nucleic acid testing medical rescue of suzhou,Another 500 inspectors are on standby to go.Over the past 20 years since the south-north joint construction of Suzhou and Suqian, suzhou and Suqian have forged a deep friendship. Five suzhou medical institutions have signed assistance agreements with Suqian, assisted in the construction of 11 departments, 40 Suzhou experts came to work in suqian in batches, carried out 29 new technologies, trained medical personnel for 2300 times, and benefited nearly 30,000 people.Not long ago, the two cities also signed the Framework Agreement on Comprehensively Strengthening South-North Linkage Cooperation. Taking the opportunity of the construction of the demonstration area for the simultaneous integration of “Four Modernizations”, 21 key hospitals in Suzhou will fully assist suqian public hospitals.At the ceremony, suqian Municipal Health Commission organized training and awarded the flag to the temporary Party branch of suzhou Suqian Medical Team.”The mission is glorious and the responsibility is great. The Suqian medical team will live up to the trust and complete the mission successfully.”Liu Dongsheng, the leader of the medical team, assistant to the president of Nanjing Gulou Hospital Group Suqian Hospital and director of clinical Laboratory, accepted the flag and said that he would live up to the great trust of 5.92 million Suqian people, lead the team, follow the command of the Party, support Suzhou, and jointly fight against COVID-19, and would definitely successfully complete the glorious task assigned by the Party and the government.According to the unified deployment of Suzhou, the medical team of Suqian immediately entered Suzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention to carry out equipment debugging and other work, and put into nucleic acid testing after safety training.