Tongfang Global Life Insurance co., Ltd. won the Award of “Model of Collaboration in Insurance Trust Service”

2022-07-15 0 By

Qingdao News Recently, with close cooperation with Citic Trust, Tongfang Global Life Insurance co., Ltd. and Citic Trust Co., Ltd. jointly provided high-quality insurance trust services to high net worth customers and won the “Model of Cooperation in Insurance Trust Services” award in 2021.Tongfang Global Life “Zhi Zhen Winner” Gawker brand, with matching asset inheritance and wealth allocation as the core, with whole life insurance as the main product system, to achieve the family and high net worth population asset inheritance.Since 2017, Tongfang Global Life insurance co., Ltd. and Citic Trust Co., Ltd. have been cooperating to provide customers with one-stop insurance trust services to meet their comprehensive needs in insurance protection, wealth management and wealth inheritance.Since last year, TONGfang Global Life has taken the lead in docking with Citic Trust’s collaborative platform and Heirloom APP system in learning and training, application promotion and customer service, achieving remarkable results and greatly improving service efficiency and customer experience.Insurance trust service has become one of the important tools for life insurance companies to serve their high net worth customers.According to citic trust, according to official figures as of October 2021, citic trust with citic prudential life, faith in life, tongfang global life building, bocom life four cooperation management scale of insurance trust services is 5.5 billion yuan RMB (in the initial coverage), total 1300 service customers, four companies in the corresponding large policy premium income totaled billions of yuan.As the founding institution of domestic insurance trust service, CITIC Trust has been committed to building a platform for symbiosis and sharing with internal and external cooperation institutions, practicing the original intention of “opening family trust accounts with insurance trust, enabling families to enjoy the wealth inheritance service of trust and popularizing the original service of trust”.Insurance trust service is a model of trust returning to its origin. Its service objects are not only high net worth and ultra high net worth clients, but also ordinary middle class families.At present, more and more customers hope to realize their love and concern for their families and even charity love for the society through insurance trust service.Citic Trust and Tongfang Global Life are long-term strategic partners. This time, Tongfang Global Life was awarded the title of “Model of Insurance Trust Service Cooperation”, which fully demonstrates citic Trust’s recognition and recommendation to Tongfang Global Life.In the future, Tongfang Global Life will continue to work together with Citic Trust to build a model of collaborative insurance trust service and contribute to the better life of the people.