200,000 on sale, and the Euler Ballet Cat is ready for pre-sale

2022-07-16 0 By

The report on the Value of Female population released by the Domestic short video platform pointed out that contemporary women tend to have an open and diversified psychological state, dare to explore more possibilities of life, and refuse to be stereotyped and defined.In their eyes, gender does not exist to divide life.Their life is more than one side, and their consumption structure and concept are changing constantly.A notable feature of this change is that a car has become one of the “three items” for women, along with lipstick and bags.Creating exclusive models for women has also become a huge market opportunity under the tide of The Times when women’s consumption structure and concept change.Love a woman more as a “brand” of the euler, based on deep insight and understanding of the market, in a black cat, white cat and the cat models based on harvest success, to fill the market blank again a women-only cars – euler ballet cats, with lasting appeal is dye-in-the-wood flavor restoring ancient ways, and meticulous design details for women, during the last year chengdu auto show debut,Attracted a lot of hot moms and little sisters to follow.According to authoritative media reports, this kind of Euler ballet cat, affectionately known as “treasure boudoir”, is expected to open for pre-sale in early March this year, and at a pre-sale price of about 200,000 yuan, to create a wonderful life for women, add more beautiful life scenes.From the official released models, it can be seen that the overall body of Euler Ballet Cat adopts a smooth and stretch surface, outlining an elegant model arc. From the front to the rear, from the waist line to the wheel bag, the rounded and full shape exudes the beauty of retro and fashion.According to the official information, the interior details of Euler Ballet Cat can be said to be extremely careful. Take the seat as an example, it is cute, round and very good packaging. It is an exclusive seat created for women by Euler women’s research team, which is more suitable for women’s sitting position and provides a more comfortable ride experience.On the keys of the central console, euler Ballet Cat adopts the piano keys with electroplated metal texture, with exquisite shape, which makes every operation full of the sense of ritual like piano and makes the girls love it.In addition, the female exclusive function of Euler Ballet cat is particularly intimate.Based on female driving habits, Ballet Cat is dedicated to creating “Lady driving mode”, which can maintain a safe following distance through the ACC function. In ordinary driving conditions, the steering wheel has a lighter control feeling, so that female users can have a “handy” driving experience.With “voice parking”, “track reversing” and other female-friendly intelligent driving assistance functions, so that every master can enjoy the treatment of the Queen after getting into the car.In terms of power and range, the Ballet Cat will be equipped with an electric motor of 126KW, which will be available in 401km and 500km versions.The pre-sale price of the Euler Ballet cat is also a particular concern of the girls.Looking forward to further information on this car and getting a test drive soon.