Hubei has accelerated the expansion of high-quality medical resources and balanced distribution to build an upgraded version of health in Wuhan Metropolitan area

2022-07-16 0 By

On February 9, it was learned from the provincial health work teleconference that Hubei will speed up the expansion and balanced distribution of high-quality medical resources.The relevant person in charge of hubei Provincial Health Commission introduced that it will firmly strengthen the “one master leading”, support wuhan’s health undertakings to grow bigger and stronger, strive for more national medical centers, regional medical centers and key specialized communities to establish Wuhan, and build wuhan into a national medical innovation center and a national clinical medical research center.We will give full play to wuhan’s leading and radiating role, and build an upgraded version of health care in wuhan Metropolitan area.At the same time, focus on strengthening the “two wings drive”, support Xiangyang, Yichang into provincial medical center, and radiate the surrounding provinces and areas;Give full play to the role of Xiangyang and Yichang as the driving force to promote the reform and development of the north-south array of “Xiangyang ten Following the Gods” and “Yi Jing Jing En”, and form the high-quality development pattern of “two wings” health integration.In addition, efforts will be made to build regional medical centers, focusing on the construction of central Hubei provincial medical center in Jingzhou, eastern Hubei provincial medical center in Huanggang, and western Hubei provincial medical center in Shiyan.To raise the development floor of “all-round coordination”, accelerate the establishment of grade III first-class hospitals in “Shuang100 counties”, and strengthen the construction of compact urban medical groups and county medical communities;We will consolidate our achievements in poverty alleviation and effectively align them with the rural revitalization strategy, continue to implement the plan of “one college student in each village as a village doctor”, accelerate the development of the telemedicine system, and raise the development of county health services.