Liu Guozhong visited old comrades at the provincial level

2022-07-16 0 By

Liu Guozhong, secretary of the CPC Provincial Committee, visited zhang Boxing, an Qiyuan, Cheng Andong and other provincial comrades on April 26, wishing them a happy New Year, longevity and health and a happy family.At each visit, Liu asked the old comrades about their living conditions and health, thanking them for their care and support to the work of the provincial Party Committee.Guo-zhong liu said that, in the past year is in the process of development in shaanxi province an extraordinary year, up and down the province in-depth study to carry out the important instructions of the general secretary to shan xi examine important speech spirit, the solid foundation to carry out activities in one hundred to celebrate the party building and party history study education, stick to “five solid” requirements of “five” and “write a new chapter” in shaanxi province high quality development plan to promote each work,We successfully held the 14th National Games and the Special Olympics for Disabled People, effectively responded to the unprecedented flood and COVID-19 pandemic, and got the 14th Five-year Plan off to a good start.These achievements are the result of the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core and the concerted efforts of the whole province. They are also inseparable from the solid foundation laid by our veteran comrades and their important contributions.I hope you will continue to support the work of the CPC Provincial Committee and care about the development of the province.During the visit, Liu told relevant departments to thoroughly implement the general Secretary’s important instructions on the work of veteran cadres, take good care of them politically and take good care of them in life, and let them live happily and peacefully in their old age.The senior comrades were sincerely pleased with the achievements made in various undertakings in the province last year and said they would continue to contribute their wisdom and strength to the high-quality development of the province.