Second generation Mercedes GLC snow road test spy photos exposed, is expected to be released on June 1!

2022-07-16 0 By

Recently, learned from overseas media reports, the new second-generation Mercedes GLC in Sweden Arjeplog snow road test spy photos were exposed.The new car is expected to be released on June 1 this year.As early as 2020, the new second-generation Mercedes-benz GLC was first photographed by foreign media for road test spy photos. During this period, various spy photos and official videos were exposed for many times. Basically, the appearance configuration and other contents of the new second-generation Mercedes-Benz GLC are relatively clear.In terms of appearance, the new second-generation Mercedes GLC has eliminated the broken line design of part of the body sheet metal, and the overall shape is more concise.At the same time, the position of the rearview mirror and door handle of the new car is also slightly lower than that of the current model, and the overall sense of technology seems to be stronger.It is worth mentioning that in the road test photos, the new second generation of Mercedes GLC did not expose the appearance of the front air intake grille, but basically it can be speculated and the new Mercedes C-class is much the same.In terms of body size, the length of the new GLC will increase from 4,650mm to 4,720mm.The wheelbase will also be increased by 15mm, increasing the rear trunk capacity by 50 litres to 600 litres.In terms of interior decoration, the new second-generation Mercedes GLC is equipped with a standard 12.3-inch LCD digital dashboard and 11.9-inch central touch screen. Meanwhile, it is equipped with the second-generation Mercedes MBUX vehicle and machine system. It has smart home, music streaming and reality navigation and other functions.A new three-frame steering wheel with built-in capacitive touch controls creates a nice driving atmosphere.In terms of power, the second generation of mercedes-benz GLC is equipped with a 2.0-liter in-line 4-cylinder turbocharged engine code-named M254, and all with a 48V EQ Boost light blend system, equipped with a maximum of 23 horsepower, peak torque of 200N·m electric motor.The overall output maximum horsepower of 255, peak torque of 400N·m.It is worth mentioning that the European standard version of the second generation of Mercedes GLC will also be equipped with three PHEV plug-in hybrid power systems, including two gasoline models named 300E and 400E, and a diesel model named 300D, and the standard 4Matic full-time four-wheel drive system, pure electric range of about 100 km.