Suspected wife infidelity, the man hired “private detective” to catch adultery, the outcome is unexpected!

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“Professional private investigator!””Efficient and confidential investigation service!””Do 100 percent of what you want!”Are there really “private detectives” these days?Can you really give me any secrets you want?Recently, Mr. Wang of cangxi county resident of Guangyuan city is disloyal to his wife because of suspicion, the in the mind wants to be more angry, but all the time it is only to guess, do not take true evidence, long-term guess lets Mr. Wang be very upset.At this time, he recalled some plots in foreign movies, the male and female protagonists often pay high prices to hire “private detectives” to help find out things, these “private detectives” have their own unique investigation methods, can secretly obtain secrets that ordinary people can not get, so is there still a “private detective”?Mr. Wang decided to look for it on the Internet.Hoping to give it a try, Wang searched the Internet for keywords such as “private detective” and “catch adultery”. Several ads popped up, one of which read: “Professional private detective, investigating all kinds of unsolvable social, economic and family conflicts, providing you with detailed investigation services.”See this advertisement, Mr. Wang heart secretly happy, the original legend of the “private detective” really exist!But now, after all, the law it is illegal to steal other people’s privacy information, the average person is not possible to get the privacy of others, for each other really can survey to find out whether his wife to his infidelity, Mr Wang or track down, but it has troubled his for a long time, seriously affected the relationship of two people, he finally decided to give it a try.Then Mr. Wang click the bottom right corner of the page, add the other party’s wechat.(” Private detective “advertisement) After adding wechat, the nickname of the other party is displayed as” technical investigation “. Mr. Wang tells the other party that he has always suspected that someone outside his wife is unfaithful to him, and would like to ask the other party to check his wife’s call, chat and room booking records to confirm his guess.Later, “technical investigation” told Mr. Wang that their team is specialized in investigating the information customers want, as long as he pays 10,000 yuan, and then sends his wife’s personal information to the past, it can be found, as for his wife is cheating on him, through viewing these chat content, it will be clear.Although 10,000 yuan is a bit expensive, In order to investigate the truth and clarify his long-standing doubts, Mr. Wang decided to give it a try.Mr. Wang then sent his wife’s personal information to the other party as requested, and remitted 10,000 yuan to an account designated by the other party.(Mr. Wang transferred 10,000 yuan as required.) After the remittance, Mr. Wang asked the other party when he could get the survey results.However at this time “technical investigation” send message to say, because the data that Mr. Wang needs involves others privacy, confidentiality is high, risk is big, filch is very difficult, want to add 3000 yuan so “risk deposit”.Wang had to send the 3,000 yuan “risk deposit” to receive the information he needed, and the other party would refund the entire 3,000 yuan after the transaction was completed.(cheater request to continue to transfer) Mr. Wang see also collect “risk margin”, in the mind will panic, oneself very not easy malicious heart to turn ten thousand yuan, how to let turn three thousand yuan again!But on second thought, has collected ten thousand yuan in the past, if this time to give up is not wasted, and the three thousand yuan will finally return to their own, there is no way, Mr. Wang and the other side of the account remittance three thousand yuan.Just as Mr. Wang, look forward to wait for the results, “technical investigation” texting king’s wife chat, talk, capturing the key records have been, but need to delete the first before sending all chat records, including album of the screenshots, once be detected the existence of those records, not only can’t get the information, want toAnd there is no refundable “risk deposit” of 3,000 yuan.Suspicious Mr. Wang secretly saved two people chat records screenshots, and told the other side that he had deleted wechat records, but Mr. Wang unexpected is, the other side then unexpectedly will be screened, aware of being cheated, Mr. Wang hurriedly reported to the police.(cheater request deletes chat record) police cleat: the so-called “private detective” on the net is cheater, want to solve certain dispute must pass normal, legal way, lest give cheater can take advantage of an opportunity!Source: Panda Anti-fraud, Guangyuan Anti-fraud Center