Central school of Qiliping Township, Neixiang County: homework, lesson preparation exhibition and evaluation activities

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Nanyang education network news (correspondent Xing Yuna) in order to standardize the school teaching management, further implement and strengthen the teaching routine management work, to achieve the process to promote results, to promote the effect of routine.On the morning of April 6, the central School of Qiliping Township in Neixiang County held the first homework, lesson preparation and other exhibition activities for spring 2022.At 9 o ‘clock in the morning, the teaching director from the five primary and secondary schools in the township put their respective school related homework, lesson preparation, attendance records and weekly examination, monthly examination materials placed in the designated position.Fu Qingsong, business principal of The Central School of Qiliping Township, Neixiang County, briefly explained the purpose, significance, methods and steps of this activity.Subsequently, 5 teaching director and 3 township level teaching and research staff in accordance with the order of the homework, lesson preparation and weekly examination, monthly examination materials by school inspection.Homework is an important part of “class clearance” and an effective way to improve grades.Form aspects of the operation, the various schools could combine their actual, or print, or copy, no matter what kind of homework, the teacher is elaborate design, from the emphases and difficulties of knowledge and mixed point design is moderately easy homework, corrects every homework the teacher carefully, not only from two aspects of content and writing assessment, more teachers to adopt diversified encouraging thereon,Make homework become a platform for teachers and students to communicate with each other!Teaching plan is the teacher’s classroom teaching model and plan, an efficient class can not be separated from the teacher’s careful lesson preparation.Since 2021, the township has set up a discipline group to concentrate on lesson preparation, give full play to the collective wisdom, and implement the “common teaching plan”. Each teacher makes personalized comments on the basis of the “common teaching plan” according to their own reality and the reality of the class students.Through the inspection, the township teachers can integrate their own teaching practice on the basis of the common teaching plan, carried out a detailed personalized annotation, so that the classroom teaching is extremely personalized, to ensure that the classroom efficient, effective!Weekly and monthly examinations are effective means to check students’ knowledge mastery, and also an important part of the “Four Clearances”.The implementation of the township unified weekly examination, monthly examination system, to further narrow the school-level gap made unremitting efforts.Every school seriously treat weekly test, monthly test, whether it is weekly test, monthly test are strictly organized, seriously correcting, every time from the test to assess results not overnight;After the examination, the teachers and the subject group made a detailed analysis, which pointed out the direction for improving their teaching in the next step.Is understood to have been GaiXiang always attaches great importance to the teaching routine management work, not only according to their own actual, combined with the county bureau requirements, formulate the “QiLiPing township routine teaching management regulations”, and held once every semester teaching routine selection activities, both for teachers to set up a platform for the learn from each other, also for teachers to provide a stage to show themselves.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com