I applaud the hospitality of our host, Croatian cross-country skier We Maletz

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Zagreb, Feb. 12 (Xinhua) –: I want for the hospitality of the host thumb up – visit Croatia hopes cross-country skiing athletes, Xinhua News Agency reporter xue-jun li who attend the winter Olympic Games in Beijing, Croatia hopes cross-country skiing athletes, who said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporter email a few days ago, she for the hospitality of the host thumb up, because everyone with a smile, very friendly.Malets is one of seven Croatian athletes competing in the games.The 31-year-old is a veteran who is competing in her third consecutive Winter Olympics.Ms. Maletz was worried it would take too long to enter the country, but to her surprise, it was smooth and quick.She was impressed by the flawless organization of the Beijing Winter Olympics.”The village is beautiful and everything has been taken care of. It’s a pleasure to walk around the village.””Maletz said.The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics has assigned a special volunteer for each delegation, and the Chinese volunteer for the Croatian team is karolina, who speaks fluent Croatian, much to the surprise of Malets and his teammates.Karolina is familiar with Croatian football star Modric and tennis star Ivanisevic, but also some Croatian sayings, proverbs are very interested in, suddenly close the distance between the two sides.Maletz was also impressed by the professionalism of the Olympic organizers.When athletes have problems, the organizers always solve them in the shortest possible time.Maletz had a problem with her skiing equipment during a training session, which she reported was immediately fixed.”The organisers are clearly prepared for every possible problem, which is a testament to their efficient and excellent organisation.”Maletz believes it was one of the best-organized Winter Games ever.Maletz was also impressed by the high technology available in the village, such as robots delivering food and machines cleaning floors.She says China is ahead of Europe in many areas of advanced technology.Due to the epidemic, the Beijing Winter Olympics will be different from previous Winter Olympics. Maletz and his teammates all understand, respect and get used to strict quarantine measures such as testing and disinfection.At the 2014 Sochi Games, Malets placed 12th in the women’s 10km (traditional technique) cross-country skiing event, her best result at a Winter Olympics.She also competed in this event at the Beijing Winter Olympics and will also compete in the 30km mass start (free technique).Although she has never won a medal at the Winter Olympics, she said she would fight for a personal best.(after)