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We have to say that the quality of decoration directly affects our comfort level of living.Integrated wallboard makes the decoration one step in place, let us happy for a lifetime!Edit switch to a new environmental protection decorative material integrated wall panel, pure natural bamboo powder wood powder made of high temperature, formaldehyde release reached the international standard EO level, non-toxic, tasteless and harmless;Its own excellent performance, such as: green, quick installation, money saving, noise reduction, sound insulation, mildew proof, fire retardant, multi-functional wall, from the source to eliminate the generation of indoor pollution gas.Two, beautiful integrated wallboard surface in addition to wallpaper, paint has color patterns, and its biggest characteristic is a strong sense of stereo, now popular style, whole house, complete, home decoration coverage area is from a single wall to the top of the wall.Through integrated wallboard, the wall and the top can be combined to form a whole style style, from simple to category integration, so as to create a variety of home style.Edit switch to center three, resistance force integrated wall panel using oval hollow structure.Such a structure, on the one hand, can make integrated wallboard toughness is good, impact resistance, compression resistance wall, buffering shockproof, bending performance, long life.On the other hand, the heat transfer and sound transmission effect is obviously lower than the solid plate, which plays the role of sound insulation and heat preservation.Four, clean integrated wall board surface characteristics of PVC nano imported film, waterproof and moistureproof, do not worry about wall damp mildew.Secondly, encounter stubborn stains, also only need to use a feather duster or cloth duster or wipe.Make cleaning a breeze.Editor switch to the center decoration for a while, but also people live a lifetime of place, integrated wallboard want to use their own professional to create a good decoration for everyone, so that all the use of integrated wallboard family can be comfortable for a lifetime, a lifetime of happiness!