One under 565 notice: Lu Linglong to Zhang Chu LAN initiative to confess, Li Muxuan things brushed clothes to go!

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One under 565 notice: Lu Linglong to Zhang Chu LAN initiative to confess, Li Muxuan things brushed clothes to go!As Evil take the initiative to throw in the towel, chu LAN small branch and the market between the gambling, finally to Lu Linglong and Bao er sister win and end.In the last sentence, because of the two wonderful performance, won the applause of the public, but also almost caused big trouble.Fortunately, Later Li Muxuan stood out and mercilessly opened the ugly state of the market, which helped Zhang Chu LAN they solved a big trouble.However, according to the rules of the gambling game, since Zhang Chu LAN and his team won, even though the market has lost its autonomy, but still exists for a day, it must fulfill its promise.Because before said good to send them to leave this condition has been unable to complete, so after thinking repeatedly, Zhang Chu LAN decided to collect information mainly, ask big G to inform them about the status quo of the Nathan Island, and all useful information.Knowing what’s going on and what’s going on on Nathan island and Bessimus is very important, because you can’t leave, so you have to find a way to live more safely.Li Muxuan, who helped them to solve the crisis, turned around and was about to leave when the situation had eased off, as if he had brushed off his clothes and hidden his achievements and reputation. However, before he left, he seemed to leave a word, which should be a very important message.After that, the Chu LAN team was finally able to take a break, the four people sitting together, eating and talking.Lu Linglong came directly into the theme, asked Zhang Chu LAN, Lu Lin has told him about his ability.And Zhang Chu LAN after a moment of silence, also very simply admitted.The next second, Lu Linglong directly confessed his secret, joking and laughing, Lu Lin lied, this ability has nothing to do with her character defects, at the beginning he was deceived by this speech.And Lu Linglong told Zhang Chu LAN the truth so readily, this lets him for a time have a little caught off guard.After all, through Lu Lin he is very clear, Lu Linglong’s problem for the whole Lu family, is absolutely a secret.Although he could also tell that Lu Lin had lied, he did not intend to go too far because it was a family affair of Lu’s. He just did not expect that Lu Linglong did not treat him as an outsider at all and confessed without saying a word.Even the young people of lu’s family, including her closest fai, had been kept in the dark.One side of lu Lin was also frightened by her move to a big jump, which is enough to explain, the next Lu Linglong to say this secret, will certainly be very explosive, and may even involve the whole Lu home!Secondly, let a person have to think more is, why lu Linglong want to do this?Because Chang Chu LAN had saved her life?After all, at best this is bright, at worst is too simple, over-trust a person, this is a very fatal behavior, so no wonder Zhang Chu LAN and Lu Lin will be so surprised.As for Lu Linglong did so because of what, you have to see how round the second uncle.