Red memory: The site of the fourth printing house of Luxi Bank in Caoxian County was selected into the sixth batch of provincial cultural relics protection units

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The history of the Chinese revolution is the best nutrition, and a review of this great history can be vividly taught by the Party’s original mission, nature, purposes, ideals and beliefs. We must bear in mind the glorious history and pass on the red gene.On January 14, 2022, shandong Provincial People’s Government announced the sixth batch of provincial-level cultural relics protection units, and the site of the Fourth Printing House of Luxi Bank of Cao County was selected as an important historical site and representative building in modern times.In March 1940, Luxi Bank was formally established. The first printing office of Luxi Bank was located in Tushan Village, an island in the middle of Dongping Lake.The printing of Luxi banknotes (also known as Lubanknotes) began in January 1940 and ended in January 1946. It was originally printed in the north room of the backyard of Wang Xiangju, a farmer in the middle of lake island in Daimiao Village, Dongping County, and was responsible for by the Printing house of Luxi Bank.Luxi Bank has 6 printing offices in the middle of Dongping Lake, 3 of which are located in Heze, including the second printing office in Juanbei Yellow River Tan District, the fourth printing office in northwest Caoxian County, and the Huxi printing Office in Shanxian County.Heze, the former site of the fourth printing office of Luxi Bank in Caoxian County, was the main battlefield of Luxi Bank and made an important contribution to the economic struggle and victory of the Anti-Japanese War in the base areas of Hebei, Shandong and Henan.The selection of cao County Hanji Town Fuzhuang village luxi bank fourth printing site in early 1943 formal production, known as the “Hebei, Shandong and Henan office of the seventh special transfer station.””The former site of Luxi Bank banknote Printing House” is the fourth printing house of Luxi Bank’s six printing houses, which is located in a private house in Fuzhuang Village. The owner of the house is an old man who secretly printed in the underground printing house in the middle of the night and withdrew during the day. It is known as the secret call of “digging holes in the ground during the day and making notes at night”.That year to participate in the printing office building invaluable Wang Enci luxi bank fourth printing office first formed in heze county south white walled village, due to the frequent raids the enemy, in 3 years time has transferred the 10 times, including the heze county, southwest caoxian county in northwest area of three or four villages, key activities area in caoxian county town area northwest of Korea.Map of Hanji Town Fuzhuang Village The site of the fourth printing house of Luxi Bank in 2021 was selected as the first batch of revolutionary cultural relics in Shandong Province. Currently, cultural relics are under repair. In December 1999, “Cao County Toponymy” introduced Hanji Town Da Fu Zhuang (now commonly known as Fu Zhuang) as follows:The former site of Luxi Bank banknote Printing House in Fuzhuang Village, Hanji Town was selected as heze Cultural Relics Protection unit in 2018 and the first batch of revolutionary cultural relics in Shandong Province in 2021. The cultural relics house is currently under repair.Luxi Bank will print 37 editions of Luxi Coins for 6 years, including 31 kinds of local currency, 1 promissory note and 5 kinds of temporary circulation bonds.Luxi Bank issued a total of 2.44 billion yuan of Luxi currency, which was used for financial overdraft of 1.926 billion yuan, accounting for 78.93% of the total amount of issuance.459 million yuan for industrial and commercial investment and loans, accounting for 18.81% of the total issuance;Agricultural loans of 55 million yuan, accounting for 2.26% of the total issuance, strongly supported the launch of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the construction and development of base areas.Not only meet the needs of the war, at the same time also supports the living needs of the ordinary production base, buy seeds, farm tools, etc., to the victory of the Anti-Japanese War and the liberation war made a significant contribution, has been widely used in hebei shangdong and henan province and the north China plain area and great influence, in the Chinese revolutionary base monetary history has left a glorious page.The following are some luxi coins issued by Luxi Bank.In early October 1943, the Japanese army carried out a big mopping up in the northwest of Cao County, Cao County Yang Xiaohu village underground banknote printing room was hit copy, he Yousan, Wang Yankun 2 printing workers arrested, He Yousan was the enemy irrigation cold water, beat the stick almost died, still would rather die than surrender;Wang Yankun was stabbed by the enemy a knife, interrupted the stick, and was pushed into the well, fortunately, was rescued, later injury is not completely good to his hometown more than ten miles away to find food for printing temple Wang Zhuang.Hu Xi printing office printing workers, Zhang Zhai Village, Shan County Zhao Deyang, when the purchase of money printing materials arrested, suffering heroic sacrifice.”All this history was written with the blood of revolutionaries.””I don’t want this history and heroic story to be buried.”No matter how times change, the noble character of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives and fought for the happiness of others should not be forgotten. Their fearless revolutionary dedication will be remembered forever. Their heroic deeds will be recorded in history and remembered forever.Vigorously inherit the red gene, carry forward the spirit of revolutionary heroes, make every effort to promote the study and education of Party history to go deep and solid, and welcome the “20th National Congress” of the Party with outstanding achievements!”When we move forward, we must not forget the road we have traveled.No matter how far we go and how bright the future may be, we should never forget the past and why we set out.”Time flies, time more amorous.Pay tribute to the old area people, pay tribute to the martyrs!Salute to those who have made contributions to our country!The author is Sun Zhimin, a senior teacher of the third middle School of Cao County, member of the 13th Standing Committee of THE CPPCC Cao County, member of the 16th CPPCC Heze City, lover of local history of Cao County, people’s supervisor of Heze City Procuratorate, social supervisor of administrative law enforcement of Cao County People’s government.Headline number: Tiger 69090, please pay attention!