The sinking market also depends on the quality of films

2022-07-17 0 By

After nine days of release, the cumulative box office is only a pitiful 4.5 million yuan. Why pitiful?Because this is a comedy film starring comedy stars, is the people’s favorite movie type, coupled with no competitors at the same time, to get such a box office performance is true beyond our expectations!98,900 screens, 4.5 million box office, such a result, not to mention making money, it is estimated that the daily loss of hundreds of thousands, or even more!02. In recent years, it is not uncommon to see sketch actors or errenzhuan actors shooting comedy films. From Little Shenyang at the beginning, to Mahua Funage later, then to Jia Ling, and now to Wen Song, almost all the folk artists we are familiar with are shooting movies!Film was mixed and word of mouth, Gu Ling and Shen Teng film one of the most popular, such as “hello Li Huanying”, “charlotte trouble” and so on, zhao class works though word of mouth, but also got good grades, such as small shenyang “fierce worm of the dragon”, Song Xiaobao rich Chronicles, only this time the wensonic, whether it be word of mouth, or film,Can only use “attack street” two words to describe!Different from Shen Teng and Jia Ling’s films, zhao jia Ban’s works are mostly targeted at third-tier and fourth-tier cities, with the majority of northeast Chinese, which is the sinking market!So the question is, are the movies that a sinking market needs just to be funny, just to have a joke?Also need to pay attention to the quality of the film?03. Recently, CCTV website entertainment officer micro comments on “Sleeping Mice and Hiding Insects”, said that the sinking market film also depends on the quality!Well-known film critic Tan Fei talked about Sleeping Mice and Hiding Insects on CCTV 6, saying:Wensonic this, I personally think with Song Xiaobao actually, this is more like zhang hao, is outstanding personal advantages, and also its traditional in the original has been the things that make you enjoy, Song Xiaobao is also the first time when the director rich Chronicles, so zhang hao hao elder brother love story series, he is scripted, “lie rat hidden bug” takes you from the first name and the squad,You will say big probability or network is better, because indeed, you needs spend a $50, and also by car, as may be required will be high, so in this case, I believe it’s reputation, including its box office, click on it would be better, if in theaters, probably its shortcomings will be magnified, viewers to the theaters for a film of the requirements of feeling,The demand for the camera, the demand for the performance, even the demand for the meme, may be higher!4. That is to say, in Tan Fei’s opinion, Wen Song’s “Sleeping Mice and Hidden Insects” is not suitable for entering the cinema line, 50 or 60 yuan movie ticket price is not worth, on the contrary, it is more suitable for five or six pieces of network screening!Of course, no matter wen Song’s comedy works or other well-known directors’ films, if they want to get a good box office in the cinema, they need to show the quality that a good film should have, because as long as the audience enters the cinema, their requirements for the work itself are much higher than watching free movies or paying five or six yuan to watch online movies.Therefore, the failure of the film “Sleeping Mice and Hiding Insects” should be a wake-up call to all directors and actors. If the quality of the film is not good, they should not enter the cinema, let alone have the expectation of “high box office”. Now it has passed the era of “just find a comedian, just carry a comedy book can make money”.