These ancient beasts are all around us. Do you know them?

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Have heard of dragon sex, but do you know this phenomenon?And you are the son of the dragon!You’ve definitely heard the saying “Born dragon, born chicken, born chicken mouse’s son can make a hole” but you’ve probably never wondered why?The dragon is a legend with claws, snake-like whiskers, horns, and the ability to smoke from heaven to earth.He has nine sons, all different from each other.Let’s take a look at the boss: prison ox “prison ox, dragon, good sex music.”It is said that the prisoner ox is the meekest among the dragon sons. It is not addicted to killing, but good at music.Its ear sound of the dragon head snake is very good, and it can distinguish the sound of all things. It often squatted on the head of the piano to enjoy the music of plucking the strings, so the statue of it was carved on the head of the piano.It is a god beast in ancient Chinese myths and legends. It is the second son of the ninth son of the dragon. Ancient history records that it is fond of killing and fighting, and it is engraved in the knife ring and sword hilt.Strong character, good fighting, bloodthirsty, and always mouth sword, glowering, engraved in the knife ring, sword hilt swallow mouth, in order to increase their powerful power.Tit’s intention is to glare at, the so-called “a meal of virtue will compensate, TIT’s resentment will be reported”, the newspaper is fishy to kill, TIT has become the incarnation of all evil.It is a creature with jackal body and dragon head that can be seen in Chinese classics in ancient Chinese folk myths and legends. It is often carved on hilt and scabbard to enhance its powerful role.Yaxi Laosan: Fengfeng fengfeng is the god beast in ancient Chinese myths and legends, which is the long scale insect, and the third son of the dragon born nine sons in ancient Chinese myths and legends. It often takes its shape as the decoration of the temple horn.Scene wind is a kind of auspicious beast, looks like an animal, life is good and good hope, dian is often used to symbolize auspicious, the animal is its image on the corner.It not only symbolizes auspiciousness and majesty, but also has the magical power of deterring demons and clearing away disasters.Scene wind Lao 4: Pulao ranks the fourth. He has a good voice and a good roar all his life. The dragon shaped beast button on the hongzhong is his portrait.It turned out that Plo lived by the sea, and though he was the son of a dragon, he had always been afraid of giant whales.When the whale attacks, it roars loudly in terror.According to the characteristics of “good ringing”, “whenever the bell wants to make a loud sound”, people cast the plinth as a bell button, and the wooden pestle for ringing the bell in the shape of a whale.When ringing the bell, let the whale hit the cattail again and again, so that it “rings into the clouds” and “unique sound far away”.Pulao Wu: Susuanni (suān ni) is one of the nine sons of the dragon in ancient Chinese myth and legend (one is the fifth son, the other is the eighth son). Its shape is like a lion and it is easy to sit, so the image generally appears on the incense burner, then swallowing smoke and spitting fog.In ancient books suanni is an animal of the same kind as lion that can eat tigers and leopards, and also has the meaning of majestic animals, which often appears in Chinese palace buildings, Buddhist Statues and porcelain censers.Suanni six: Biao is the product of the combination of the dragon and the turtle, which is generally the dragon body, some head with horns, behind the unicorn tail, some are almost as long as the turtle, and it belongs to the same branch as the God beast Xuanwu in the north of China.Especially in the Tang and Song dynasties left the old ba xia, often like the turtle, there is no difference.But although so, there are two details are different, that is, the tortoise is no teeth, and the bully has, often also showed a neat teeth, a pair of charmy-charmy-charmy-charmy-charmy-charmy-charmy-charmy-charmy-charm.Also, the number of scales on the back of a bully is different from that of a turtle.In the ancient Chinese myth and legend bian He is the god beast, under the shape of Bian He, Bian He, the seventh son of the long Dragon of the Scales insect, which looks like a tiger [1], is both a symbol of the prison and the patron saint of the Li people.Bian He was not only anxious to uphold justice and stanch his words, but also able to distinguish right from wrong and judge justly. In addition to bian He’s majestic image, he lay prostrate on both sides of the official hall besides the decoration on the door of the prison.Bian He Lao Ba: Neg屃 Wang Eighth son Neg屃 and Neg屃 was the eighth son of the dragon in Chinese mythology.Like a dragon, ranking the old eight, good life, stone on both sides of the Wenlong is its portrait.Chinese stone tablets have a long history and are rich in content. Some of them are simple and simple in shape, and the stone tablets are smooth and bright with light to distinguish people.Some engraved exquisite, the words have posture, the pen is vivid;Also have a plenty of famous poetry stone carving, win universal praise, known through the ages.And negative 屃 is very fond of this shining artistic inscriptions, it is willing to turn into patterns Wenlong to foil these handed down literary treasures, the tablet decoration is more elegant and beautiful.They coil around each other and look like they are crawling slowly, which is all the more spectacular when paired with the Biads at the base.Minus 屃 Lao Jiu: Chi Kiss Chi kiss is one of the nine sons of dragon in ancient legend, with a dragon head and a fish body.They are often arranged on the roof of Chinese palace buildings in the shape of an open mouth swallowing ridge, with a sword to secure it. Small animals made of clay are invited to the roofs of palaces, temples and high officials to look down on the world. It is a bit like “rising to the heights” and “when one person gets enlightenment, the rooster and dog will ascend to heaven”.In ancient Chinese palace buildings, only officials could have five ridges and six beasts, and some houses would have small chi kiss, which has been in use now.Chi Kiss is welcome to discuss.Have different opinions can say ha!You can also leave what you want to see in the comments section.Next time, we’ll look at why there are so many different kinds of ferocious beasts.