Warm reminder: After the Spring Festival holiday, to (return) temperature, travel personnel please pay attention

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In order to effectively prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic, minimize the risk of imported transmission of the epidemic, and ensure the health and safety of people in The city, the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention advises citizens to pay attention to the following when preparing to visit or travel during the Spring Festival holiday:People coming or returning from non-affected provinces are allowed to come or return to Wenzhou as normal. They should open the “Wenzhou Epidemic Prevention Code” to pre-declare their trip before returning to Wenzhou (click the blue text to get the link). Nucleic acid testing is recommended within 24 hours after arrival.2. People coming or returning from low-risk areas of affected provinces should open the “Wenzhou Epidemic Prevention Code” in advance to declare their trip, provide negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours upon arrival, and cooperate with local towns, streets and communities (villages) to implement relevant health management measures.It is not necessary to delay the arrival (return) of people in the designated medium-high risk areas. If they need to come (return), they should report to the towns and streets, communities (villages) or hotels at the first time, and strictly implement the “14+7” and other health management measures.Citizens should pay close attention to the situation and refrain from traveling to medium-high risk cities or areas with confirmed cases unless necessary.If you have to go, you must report to your community (village) and work unit in advance, take personal protection measures, and cooperate with relevant control measures upon return.5. Please take good personal protection during the journey, pay attention to the travel schedule, and avoid arriving at the station or airport too early, so as to shorten the stay time in the terminal building, waiting room and other closed and crowded places.Properly keep the information of public transportation, accommodation and catering during the trip for reference.Everyone is the first person responsible for his or her own health. We should continue to wash our hands frequently, wear masks and make one-meter noodles.Actively cooperate with health inspection, wenzhou epidemic prevention code inspection and other measures.If you have a fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, smell (taste) sleep loss, the symptoms such as diarrhea, wear disposable surgical masks and above level mask, in a timely manner to the nearest fever clinics for screening and diagnosis and treatment of a medical institution, and inform the doctor actively and exposure history, recent activity treatment process to avoid taking public transportation.Please pay attention to source: Wenzhou release review: Zhou Zhuoyan Editor: Lou Junxiang editor: Lai Jieru if there is infringement please remind in time