Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake broke the box office mark of 1 billion yuan, but there is one flaw

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On New Year’s Day, after watching the morning show of “Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake” (hereinafter referred to as “Watergate Bridge”), I went outside to find the sun shining and the streets bustling with people.As I stared, I heard the sound of snow, snow, and guns.Watergate Bridge is the most popular film of the Year of the Tiger.So far, it has made more than 1 billion yuan at the box office and has gained good word of mouth.It can be seen as a sequel to its predecessor, “Changjin Lake,” which is currently the highest-grossing film in China with 5.775 billion yuan.The Watergate Bridge was strategically important during the Korean War, south of Hagaru-Ri.After the first American Marine division was besieged by volunteers around Jangjin Lake, they had to retreat south, and the Watergate Bridge was the only way they had to retreat.01 Solemn and stirring and warmth blend in “Changjin Lake”, the soldiers of the seven companies fought bravely, united and achieved very good results.In “Watergate Bridge”, they have to support the first nine companies to complete a very difficult task, is to blow up the Watergate Bridge, cut off the enemy’s rear road, to achieve the purpose of annihilating the enemy.In this film, the snow is still cold, and the battle scenes are more brutal.In Watergate Bridge, Wu Jing’s performance remains steady, Yi Yangqianxi is getting better and better, and Zhu Yawen as Mei Sheng, Li Chen as Yu Congrong, Han Dongjun as Ping He are all impressive.The group portrait was a great success.500 li died protecting the Ping River.Before the battle, Pinghe could not help telling Wanli about it and said he was sorry for his brothers.Wanli, who has been growing fast in blood and snow, responded well: “Baili is my brother, you are my brother, seven even are my brother.”Wanli also with the flat river against each other a head, this picture is very warm.But one by one, Wan Li’s brothers left and he was alone.Especially ping he, first right chest through a steel bar, he forcefully pulled out the body, looking at feel very painful very painful.After his comrades failed in their first attempt to blow up the bridge, Hiragawa got under the tank on the bridge deck, only to be pinned down by the tank and unable to ignite the explosive package close at hand.Next to the Five thousand li eyes with tears, holding the gun at the charge hesitated.Because if I shoot him, He’s dead.Flat river to thousands of miles loudly shout “quick shoot”, he and the enemy’s tanks, bridge finally ashes.There are also Mei Sheng, who drove a caterpillar car on fire into the enemy line with photos of his daughter, Yu Congrong, who diverted the enemy plane, and Li Li, who succeeded in blowing up the bridge before being hit and falling off. They are all very brave and have a keen mind.It’s just such a bloody battle!If only we had an air force to back it up, so flesh and blood wouldn’t go up against steel machines.Finally, when the wind wing jun saw Yi Yangqianxi played wanli, straight and thin figure, report said the sentence “the seventh interspersed even, should be one hundred and fifty-seven people, actually to one person”, suddenly tears blurred, there are many people around the red eyes.The conditions were really difficult, not only the ice, the cold wind, but also the logistics, food, clothing, and not much support, and the weapons were very poor.But it is in such inferior conditions, volunteers soldiers actively mobilize their own subjective initiative, make full use of the surrounding environment, finally defeated the arrogant enemy, curb their arrogance.”Watergate Bridge” will be another masterpiece of Hark hark. Unlike the previous film, which was directed by three directors, this time hark will direct most of the content.As a famous director, Tsui Hark can be said to be worthy of honor.The films he directed, such as Huangfei Series, Green Snake and Swordsman, have long been well-known and are classics that you never get tired of watching.He also produced a Chinese Ghost Story and The Swordsman ii: Invincible in the East, and won many film awards.Now 71 years old, Tsui hark is still strict and insists on shooting live action, so the final effect is infectious.Compared with “Chojin Lake”, “Watergate Bridge” takes half an hour less, two and a half hours. The overall content is more compact, the style is more unified, and the rhythm is more relaxed.The volunteers bombed the Bridge three times, and the third time, they thought, the Americans would never escape.Did not think of the wily American first division division Smith, the use of advanced industrial technology, so that Japan’s Mitsubishi heavy industry rushed out of 8 finished steel beams, airdropped to the Watergate bridge, so as to escape.Actors such as Wu Jing and Yi Yangqianxi suffered a lot from the cold while shooting the film and found the cold a great challenge.From this, can imagine that the volunteer army, in the weather is more cold, and wearing thin cotton clothes, eating frozen black potatoes, braving the enemy’s strong artillery battle is how hard.Although the volunteers were unable to stop the enemy’s retreat at the Watergate Bridge, they did the best they could by blowing up the bridge three times in a row, and dealt the enemy a great psychological blow.However, “Watergate Bridge” has one shortcoming, is the “ice sculpture company” in the upper “Changjin Lake”.Because the history of the “ice sculpture company” story, is in the three water gate bridge after the occurrence.A company had been ambushed on high ground near the Bridge, but the night was so cold, with temperatures dropping to -40 degrees, that the soldiers turned into ice sculptures.They were found in the fighting position, their eyes staring, their guns pointed towards the road, but they could no longer pull the trigger.If this story is linked with the three Watergate Bridges, it will not only be more consistent with the historical timeline, but also give the film a heavier sense and more impact on people’s hearts.In Changjin Lake, if the story of “ice carving Company” is removed, the story of Yang Gensi can be expanded more fully, and some shortcomings can be reduced accordingly.In spite of its flaws, Watergate Bridge is an excellent film on the whole and well worth a watch.Salutation to the loveliest!This world you have come, shed blood, sacrifice precious life, will always be remembered!So, do you think “Watergate Bridge” will eventually surpass “Chosin Lake” at the box office?Welcome to leave a message.(Photo from Internet)