Daughter-in-law boil into a woman!Queen: Camilla will be queen and get the role

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On Feb. 6, 1952, the Queen’s beloved father, King George VI, died at Sandringham House in Norfolk, and the new queen ascended the throne at the age of 25.Since then, the Queen has been on the throne for 70 years.On February 5, 2022, the Queen issued a special written statement to mark her 70th year on the throne.In it, the Queen expressed her gratitude to the people of Britain and the Commonwealth for their continued support of her reign.But the Queen also expressed her “sincere hope” that Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, will be called Queen When her son Prince Charles becomes king.Meanwhile, the Queen has expressed her hope that the public will show their support for Prince Charles and Camilla as they have for her.”When my son Charles becomes King, I know you will support him and his wife Camilla just as you have supported me;It is my sincere hope that when that time comes camilla will be called Queen and continue her own faithful service.”Camilla was a lover of Prince Charles when he was young, but later married someone else.Prince Charles had an affair with Camilla even before his divorce from Princess Diana, which is why Diana told the BBC: “There were three of us in my marriage, it was a bit crowded.”Of course, they didn’t have three people in their marriage, they had four, right?No!Five?Six…Unlike Diana, who was deeply loved by the public, Camilla has long been disliked by many britons.When Prince Charles married Camilla in 2005, the royal family tried to placate public opinion by announcing before the couple married that prince Charles would become king and camilla would be a princess rather than queen.Now the Queen, who has always been a fan of Camilla, has spoken directly about wanting her to be ‘Queen Camilla’.On top of that, Camilla may receive a new royal grant from the Queen.Previously, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, was given the role thanks to the Queen’s favour when she married into the royal family.Camilla is reportedly “furious” because the role has long been her heart’s desire.When Prince Harry and Meghan decided to leave royal life behind, they left a lot of funding behind, and Camilla may finally be getting it.Camilla is believed to be keen on the dramatic arts and could soon become the next royal patron of the National Theatre.The Queen offered the role to Meghan in 2019, which seemed fitting considering she had worked as an actress before marrying into the royal family.A source close to Camilla told the Sunday Times she was “disappointed” not to have been given the honour at the time.”She really wanted it.”People familiar with the matter said.”When Megan got hold of it, she was furious.But she’ll be even happier to get it after waiting so long to get it after not getting it the first time.”According to the Mirror, this is not the first time Meghan and Camilla have clashed.The Duchess of Cornwall was reportedly ‘furious’ when the show-pusher insisted on Posting photos of her visit to the National Theatre on the same day camilla gave her major 2020 speech.Camilla’s speech to mark the 10th anniversary of World Women’s Day had been planned for nearly a year, and Meghan had promised not to show fans stunning photos of her visiting the National Theatre on the same day, but she broke that promise.A royal insider told MailOnline at the time: ‘Camilla’s speech that day was very important for her and her decision to highlight the dangers of domestic violence on the 10th anniversary of Women in the World is a deliberate plan.”Over the past four years, she has worked tirelessly, mostly behind the scenes, but to good effect, using her platform and personal experience to highlight the issue and help victims.””Of course, it’s well known that Prince Harry and Meghan will be attending events this week, some of which will be personal decisions, but everyone feels Camilla’s speech should take priority.Unfortunately, some people think differently.”Prince Harry and Meghan stepped down from the royal family in March 2020, and after a review period, Prince Harry and Meghan were forced to return their royal patronage to the Queen.Harry lost all of his honorary military ranks, as well as his funding to the English Rugby Football Union (RFU), the All England Rugby Football Union (RFL) and the London Marathon Charitable Trust.Meghan lost her appointments to the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, as well as her sponsorship of the National Theatre.The National Theatre 2021 paid tribute to Meghan, thanking her for making the theatre “open to all” during her time as patron.”The National Theatre is very grateful to the Duchess of Sussex for her support during her time as patron,” the statement read.”The Duchess supports our work with communities and young people across the UK and our mission to make theatre accessible to all.””As Buckingham Palace has said, the process of appointing a new patron is ongoing and will be announced in due course.”Thanks for reading!Press and 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