Gansu Qingming small long holiday: spring is still beautiful poetry and the distance will not be far away

2022-07-18 0 By

Grass grows warbler to fly spring warm day, is a year qingming.As the Tomb-sweeping Day holiday approaches, the Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism has made epidemic prevention and control the top priority of its work, preventing the spread of the virus through cultural and tourism routes, and ensuring people’s safety and health.We remind tourists to abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations, pay close attention to the situation of the epidemic, and always travel safely and rationally.We predict that some places will still see a small peak of travel during the Qingming Holiday.The main purpose of this Qingming festival is to enjoy the flowers and cultural experience, as well as the local tour, short tour and longyuan village tour. The “rebound tour” will also drive the temperature rise of surrounding areas.”Cloud tourism”, such as “cloud flowers, cloud exhibitions, cloud animals, cloud outing”, has not only enabled tourists to feel the feeling of spring at home, but also accumulated strength for the recovery of the tourism market after the epidemic.In particular, we remind tourists to pay attention to the travel tips issued by cultural and tourism departments, public security departments, transportation departments and meteorological departments in advance, and plan their travel routes reasonably and travel in different peaks.It is necessary to understand and inquire about ticket reservation and passenger flow restrictions in advance, so as to achieve “no reservation, no travel”.Tourists are not only participants in epidemic prevention and control, but also beneficiaries of safe and orderly tourism activities.Cultural and tourism departments across the province will continue to strengthen supervision and inspection, consolidate the responsibility of cultural and tourism operators for epidemic prevention and control, and timely release tips on epidemic prevention and control and tourism safety through portal websites, new government media platforms and other channels to remind tourists to enhance awareness of epidemic prevention and control.Cultural and tourism business units and venues across the province will publicize epidemic prevention and control knowledge by setting up warning boards and broadcasting promotional videos.Tourists should pay attention to all kinds of propaganda and guidance information, do a good job of self-protection, and consciously abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations.We firmly believe that the epidemic will end, the spring is still bright, and poetry and distance will not be far away.While tightening the strings of epidemic prevention and control, let’s enjoy the beautiful spring days in Longyuan and enjoy a safe, healthy, civilized and orderly Qingming Holiday.(Written by Lu Xueen, Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism)