Peking University students preparation tips | Wang Jiarui: Mathematical learning methods and rhythm under the new College Entrance Examination

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Step into the classroom in the morning light, open the books to start a new day of knowledge journey;Square inch desk in meditation, write down a full mark for the future;In the evening in the empty campus stop to concentrate, brave peak also had a moment of confusion and loss…This is the story of your youth, but also countless Peking University people unforgettable memories.On the way forward, please take a moment to listen to the students’ experience together with us. There are efficient learning methods, ingenious problem-solving ideas, more promising heart course and unchangeable ideal pursuit.Ten years like a day of dream on the road, one person alone scenery is good, hand in hand to walk more firm, your story, Peking University has never been absent.+ + + + student’s name: Wang Jiarui graduated from high school: the second middle school of Qingdao in shandong province colleges: college of Beijing university of information science and technology Together as a start from high school to enter the number of “amateurs” rivalry, I was in high school experienced a math “trough”, every examination will be 10-20 points lower than the ideal result.Finally, I found the right learning methods and examination skills in the third year of high school, found the state, and achieved good results.Now, I would like to share with you my high school mathematics learning experience.Mathematics has always been a rather troublesome subject, its essence is to train and inspect everyone’s logical thinking chain.We should also feel that, with the deepening of knowledge learning, the results of mathematics are becoming more and more serious, some students can easily test 140+, and some students even brush a lot of questions have been fluctuated around 120 points.I have discussed this problem with some students, and they generally said that they did not know where to start when faced with a difficult problem.I’ve been thinking about this, and I’ve come up with a three-step approach of practice, summary, and application.The so-called exercise is to do exercises before class and after class.There will be exercises in the preview study plan before class, and the teacher may also give some exercises to the students to practice, while the homework after class is the key point to check the omissions and fill the gaps. These exercises should be paid attention to.Be sure to highlight two types of questions: those that you couldn’t solve on your own, and those that you might call “careless mistakes.”After marking, it is time to summarize and reflect.Summary is the most important point in the study of mathematics and physics.Mathematics physics two subjects for thinking requirements is really too high, especially in the comprehensive topic of each knowledge point of the cross, it is easy to let a person a mess.First, thinking. We need to summarize the core ideas and common communication methods of each module on the basis of the first step of practice.Take the language analogy, the core idea of a module is like the three elements of a novel, get the core idea is equivalent to understand the breakthrough point of a novel, you know the topic should be cut from which Angle;The common method is like the answer template. For example, in the module of vector, I summarized the common method including separation, square, projection, coordinate, isomal line, combination of number and shape, etc., which is equivalent to the occupation, status, appearance, personality and other perspectives in my mind when answering the question of character image, and then analyzed the article bit by bit.When doing math problems can also be in accordance with these methods a test, there must be a way to go through.Moreover, knowledge points are crossed, and knowledge networks need to be built while practicing a lot. For example, if trigonometric function is the best value, at least we should be able to think of the basic method (trigonometric function simplification), mean inequality and derivation of three modules of knowledge, so as to help us effectively solve the problem.Failure to do so can result in serious loss of points.For example, a big question is 12 points, there are 6 steps, one step is 2 points, if you are stuck in the second step but can do the next four steps, but because the second step is not passed, the next four steps can not be written down.In other words, this step is actually worth 10 points to you, and once you get through it is a leap forward.There are “careless mistakes”, such as the problem is “acute Angle triangle”, but when examining the problem did not see “acute Angle” such a mistake, it is suggested that we sort out a prone to error point this, check before the exam, so that when the exam encountered a triangle problem, you can first ask yourself whether there is “acute Angle” this limitation.When you know where the person is likely to dig the hole, the chances of falling into the hole are much lower.Speaking of error-prone point book, I want to say error problem book by the way, in mathematics learning, I do not recommend that you sort out pure error problem book.As mentioned above, the key is to summarize, repeat the mechanical brush questions is not good effect, we suggest that you can put the wrong questions as examples behind the sorting method and mark the key nodes with red pen, rather than just copy down the wrong questions and do it again.After summarizing the method, we must continue to apply it.”Practice makes perfect” “strike while the iron is hot”, first of all to module training, try different methods, many math problems are a problem of multiple solutions, with the summarized core ideas and common method, try more, but also can communicate with teachers and other students, listen to others’ ideas, summed up to benefit from their own points.The process of multiple solutions can not only let oneself have a deeper understanding and understanding of the general method summed up, but also let us have different perspectives in the exam, so that we can check.As we all know, human beings have inertial thinking, when we use a certain way into the error, inspection is often not easy to find mistakes, but if another method, is to seek a second road to Rome, can avoid a lot of unnecessary mistakes.This is my personal summary of exercises that work in mathematics (including physics) – summary – using a three-step approach.Next, I’d like to talk to you about the study of mathematics at different stages in high school.Senior one and senior two are basically new lesson learning period, this period must pay attention to classroom efficiency.Often have schoolmate to rely on oneself preview effect is good, have a class do not listen to lecture, stuffy head learns oneself, instead result go up, the reason has 2.First, the teacher will emphasize the key points and easy mistakes in class, and only by grasping the key points can we grasp the core of knowledge;Only pay attention to easy mistakes, in order to calmly take the exam.Second, mathematics requires the writing of problem-solving steps, and points will be deducted if you skip key steps. As mentioned above, this is essentially an inspection of your logical thinking chain. If the logical chain is broken, it will inevitably leave a bad impression on the teacher, thus losing points.These details are required to listen to the teacher in class, not because of small details and should not lose points.Outside the classroom, to carry out appropriate exercises, do not do too difficult exercises too early, both a waste of time and not very good results.Students who are weak in math and want to improve, on the premise of completing the teacher’s homework, do an extra teaching material, the key is summary;For those students with good math scores and confidence in math, it is suggested to allocate more time to other subjects to ensure the six courses go hand in hand. There should be no partial subjects. Otherwise, even if you get 150 in math, your overall score will still be unsatisfactory.Please follow me to calculate an account. Suppose a student has a score of 140 in math and 110 in Chinese. If he keeps studying math, he has about a 1/15 chance of being able to do the questions he cannot do.In other words, when you do well in math, you get much less for the same amount of time you spend doing well in other subjects.Therefore, high school students should not be too “iron head”, or to ensure that there is no “lame subjects”.Let’s talk about the “low point” of my sophomore year.High when I always want to take an examination of 150 math examination papers, but also do not take the basic problem, specializing in conic and derivative problem, and the test strategy, in order to finally solve the last question, the question in front of too fast, the topic is not clear, make many careless mistake, cause the finale every examination topic full marks, but optional wrong three or four, or even four basic question would be entirely wrong.Hope everybody is abstain from this, do not pay attention to difficult problem too early, must tamp solid foundation, down-to-earth ability looks up at starry sky.On the third year, basically began a round of review, this is a good time to overtake corners.A round of review is generally more careful, we need to make good use of all the exercise opportunities, before class review their summarized methods and skills, review process is actually the teacher led “use” process.For most of the students, a round of review or over the basic, strengthen the steps, to ensure that the basic and medium questions can win more than half;If the college entrance examination wants to impact 140+, in a round, you need to ask the teacher or find some high questions, such as choose to fill in the closing axis, conic curve, derivative, such difficult questions, equivalent to 1.5 rounds of independent review.The second round of review will start the overall difficulty, if the math score has not reached 120 before the second round of review, it is suggested that everyone should put the questions put, there is no need to die to solve the problem, do more foundation, strive for 120;If you can get a score of more than 120, you should keep up with the pace and start to do difficult problems. After all, there will be 10%-20% difficult problems within the ability range in the college entrance examination. If you have ideas to make a qualitative leap.In the latter part of senior three, most of us have reached saturation in knowledge accumulation.There are too many big and small exams in the third year of high school, and it is normal for the results to fluctuate, especially in mathematics, which is a subject for choosing to fill in five points together. A small mistake may send out a large section, and a single mistake may make the half-empty and half-real results on paper shine.I hope you can “win without pride, lose with grace”, always maintain the appropriate pace of review, put down the mentality in the face of the college entrance examination, normal play is victory.Finally, I wish you all a smooth high school life, academic success!I am waiting for you in Peking University!Words | Wang Jiarui, content have modified art | lulu review | Zhao Haochen Impression of Peking University Peking University research parents experience statement: this article, all peer originator if there are sources of errors or infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of you, you can through the E-mail contact us, we will be handled in a timely manner.Email address: