Qinhuangdao new Internet vehicle number section 60,000

2022-07-18 0 By

Qinhuangdao Central radio network on February 24 news (reporter Li Changqing) On February 24, Qinhuangdao Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment issued a notice about the new Internet motor vehicle number section.According to the notice, with the consent of the Hebei Traffic Police Corps, the Qinhuangdao Traffic Police Detachment vehicle Management Bureau plans to launch 60,000 new vehicle plates on the Internet traffic safety integrated service platform on February 28, 2022, including 30,000 new energy pure electric vehicle plates, the plate number is: Ji CD 4!!!!, CD 5!!!!!!!!!!, CD 6!!!!!!!!!!;New energy non-pure electric vehicle license 30,000, license number: Ji CF 4!!!!, CF 5!!!!!!!!!!CF. 6!!!!!!!!!!.(Note: Notice!Represents 0-9 numbers) the publicity period is three days.