The Integrated management Office of Hefei Railway Station goes all out to escort the Spring Festival travel rush home

2022-07-18 0 By

The Spring Festival is approaching, and the two warmest words are “going home”.Struggling out of the wanderer, have set foot on the train home.In the face of the upcoming snow and ice weather, the Integrated management Office of Hefei Railway Station took the initiative to prepare in advance and go all out to escort passengers home during the Spring Festival travel rush.After the scheduling meeting of rain, snow and freezing weather prevention and response in Yaohai District, the INTEGRATED Management Office acted quickly, activated the response mechanism, held an emergency meeting, conveyed the spirit of the meeting, read the emergency plan, and fully deployed the prevention work of snow and ice weather in the railway station area.At the same time, 7 working groups were set up, respectively responsible for the municipal road cleaning, the north and south square cleaning and traffic order, social security, comprehensive coordination, site and station security, etc., clear leader, responsible person, strictly implement the 24-hour duty and leadership shift system, post designation, responsibility to the person.We will pay close attention to the snow situation and temperature changes, and the integrated management Office will fully launch all emergency work, make solid human and material preparations, and ensure adequate preparation, movement and use.At present, the company has reserved 90 tons of snowmelt agent, 100 shovels, 200 shovels, 2,000 meters of anti-skid MATS, 30 tents, 200 pairs of rain boots, 13 sets of professional equipment such as spitters, graders, forklifts, multi-functional snow plows, snow shovels, and large vehicle-mounted snow pushes, as well as 8 emergency engineering vehicles.All equipment and materials are placed in the front, ready to use.In terms of emergency teams, all the staff of urban management, traffic police and management and maintenance units are on standby, and 19 emergency teams, a total of about 600 people, are on standby at any time.To cope with this round of rain and snow, the INTEGRATED Management Office has laid 700 meters of anti-skid MATS in the south square and erected 19 rain and snow tents at the entrance of the station, forming a “warm road”.Arrange special personnel to clear snow, sprinkle snow melt agent and lay anti-skid mat at elevator entrance, stairway entrance and exit of warehouse to prevent passengers from slipping and getting injured.To mobilize merchants along the street, implement the “four packs” in front of the door, provide free snow melt for merchants, and all sectors of society participate in the snow clearing work.At present, the first sprinkling of snowmelt agent has been completed at all railway station entrances.