With the help of Huang Wenxiu, the baby nurse of Xi ‘an Swallow Sister-in-law, everything is so simple and smooth

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We would like to thank Our nurse Huang Jie for coming to our home last year and having a lot of unforgettable time with us.Sister Huang, the baby nurse of Sister-in-law Swallow, came to our home and we felt very kind. We could feel it in our heart to treat and love our children with sincerity.Baby from fine movement to the rapid development of movement, Sister Huang is really very patient and professional, every day will carry out early education enlightenment, baby’s progress is between little by little.There is no pain in natural lactation and night lactation. Everything is so simple and smooth with the help of The baby nurse Huang Jie.Baby complementary food cooking is more careful and professional, a process I feel very complex but she is meticulous.Help babies naturally complete the transition from breast milk powder to complementary food.The baby had a fever, and the baby nurse huang Jie stayed up all night to take care of it. I worked overtime late and cooked delicious Sichuan food for me. During the birthday of the epidemic, huang Jie, the baby nurse of The swallow, also made a cake for us.Huang Jie not only takes good care of the baby, but also is my friend in daily life and acts as a mediator when I have conflicts with Bao Dad.Thank you for meeting, thank aunt Huang for the baby’s careful care, thank you swallow sister-in-law, your company in the management of childcare sister-in-law and recruitment with stay is really very professional, you can rest assured to choose!