30 Long-Lost photos of 10 extinct wild animals, the last known photos

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Haid al-Jazil is a 500-year-old mud-brick village built on a boulder in Yemen.The tomb of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, Holland, 1888. In July 2008, Yasuhiro Takahashi decided to propose to his girlfriend of eight years in what he hoped would be “the world’s biggest marriage proposal.”So he quit his job and went traveling.A GPS recording of his journey spells out the words “marry me.”But when he came back, she had already married someone else.Almost 20 years apart, William Defoe looks even younger now.Sarah Biffen (1784 — 2 October 1850) was an English painter of the Victorian era. She was born with a broken leg and no arms.Still, she taught herself to write, draw, sew and use scissors with her mouth.This is a self-portrait she drew with her teeth.The apple.The phenomenon of freezing apples in icy weather.Then the apple inside rots, leaving a cold shell that gives you an ice apple.What the Andromeda galaxy would look like if it were brighter from Earth.A creature that may have lived 185 million years ago, this spectacular ammonite is a fossil of the Eleganticeras in pyrite.War Donkey, Turkey, 1930 Arrested girl with arrows in her leg (1890-1908) Belgium Congo This is the famous Coconut Road in the Philippines, this is a before and after photo of Typhoon Odette, a bit sad…….The Javari Temple in Kejuraho, a magical playground built in the 10th and 11th centuries, is the largest church in the world – St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.Strange buildings in Copenhagen, Denmark.A mushroom full of life.Underwater cliff, feel not careful will fall.Pilot training. Now you know pilots aren’t all they seem.Ancient Roman dice made from bone.Last known photographs of ten animals now extinct American antelope (1895) Last known wild Tasmanian tiger, 1930 Barbara lion North Sumatra rhinoceros Balinese tiger Caspian Sea tabby donkey Eastern puma Cape lion Eurasian wild horse