Education children very hard, why is the child still very rebellious?

2022-07-19 0 By

In life, there are many parents are very concerned about their children’s education, but the results are often not satisfactory, the children’s performance is not ideal, and sometimes very rebellious, why does this phenomenon occur?Maybe the education is wrong.Maybe you could try negative parenting or natural consequences.What is negative education or natural consequences?For example, a child in a hurry, accidentally hit the corner, if there is no one next to the words, the child may not cry, the heart will think, too painful, next time must be good to watch the road, walk slowly, can not maomao impetuous.He had already been punished for the pain, and that’s what they say: a fall into a pit, a gain in your wit.And if in the child encounter of time, the parents come over loudly scold, how do you so hairy impetuous, how to look at the road.At this time the child will be wronged, and often due to adult reprimands and punishments caused by the child to shift the energy for reflection.In life, do not excessive intervention children, as much as possible to let children get natural punishment from the consequences of things, let children master the causal relationship, so as to really grow up.And parents are easy to excessive punishment, will lead to things from the focus of the matter itself to the punishment, intensified parent-child conflict.