Handsome burst!Su Yiming, win gold!

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God of War!Every frame is so cool!Su Yiming gold medal in big board diving!He scored 89.50 points for his first jump of 1800 and 93 points for his second reverse jump of 1800. His best score of 182.50 ensured that he had the gold medal before the final jump!Chinese delegation 6 gold best in history!This is the Olympics of the Chinese delegation won 6 gold MEDALS, the goal of this seemed to be impossible before the game, let China games athletes games gold medal new record, also achieved ahead of the “best record” in the history of the Chinese delegation goal – contrast pyeongchang winter Olympics four years ago until day Wu Dajing games had a precious gold medal,The great potential of China’s ice and snow sports was demonstrated at home.At the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, The Chinese delegation won a total of 11 MEDALS, 5 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze, setting a new record in terms of gold MEDALS and tying the record set at the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics. It is worth mentioning that all the 5 gold MEDALS won by Chinese athletes at the Vancouver Winter Olympics came from ice events:Women’s short track speed skating team 4 gold, Shen Xue/Zhao Hongbo double skating champion.China’s gold MEDALS have been more evenly distributed at the Beijing Winter Olympics, with six so far being “half ice and half snow”.On February 7, Ren Ziwei won gold in the 1000m short track speed skating final. On February 8, Gu Ailing won gold in the women’s big jump freestyle skiing. The fourth gold medal came from Gao Tingyu in the 500m speed skating final on February 12.The fifth gold medal was won by veteran Xu Mengtao in women’s freestyle skiing aerials on the evening of February 14. Today, Su Yiming won the gold medal in men’s big jump of snowboard skiing. A brand new winter project picture is slowly unfolding.In the final five competition days of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Chinese athletes will also try to win gold MEDALS in women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing, men’s 1,000m speed skating, men’s team start and figure skating pairs skating.Athletes come on!Proud of you!Source: China Youth Daily (ID: ZQBCYOL Reporter: Guo Jian Photo: Li Juhui Collated: Chen Qian) (Source: China Youth Daily)