The 9 best wines in China, 100% pure, never go to the head

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Grade 1: Laitan RMB: 266/53%VOL Origin: Guizhou Maotai Taste: maotai rich, 9 points like flying index :★★★★ Flying Maotai RMB :2589 pure, refreshing, slightly mellow sweet recommended index :★★★★★ ★★ Wuliangyou RMB :1199 Rich fragrance recommended index :★★★★★ ★★★Tan wine Ziqi Donglai 2021 (maotaixiang) RMB: 1256/53%VOL Origin: Sichuan taste: Maotaixiang rich mellow homonym recommended index :★★★★ A jingzhi Ji product (zhi xiang) RMB: 228/42%VOL origin: Shandong recommended index :★★★ Alcoholic internal reference RMB :1499 Origin :★★★Hunan Jishou taste: aroma mellow mellow homonym recommended index :★★★★ ★ How to learn the world slowly?It is better to be a man than to do things.Most of the time it’s not because you’re particularly appreciated for what you do, but because you make your superiors feel good.Work is more than work. It’s the world.Small money by hard work, big money by the circle, rather than fate.You know, the billionaire’s kid brother, at least he’s worth a million bucks.