Young people ‘don’t celebrate April Fool’s Day at all’

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The most popular April Fool joke on social media on April 1, when you’re looking for some April Fool inspiration, is: “You don’t even have to be April Fool. You’re always fooled.”Be cheated with women’s feelings of men, slag female cheat, that is nothing, this year’s April Fool’s Day by contemporary young people when mouthwash: people do not have to take part in the April Fool’s Day, all say that it is not difficult to take part in the postgraduate entrance examination blunt, the results of the national line rose very;Working people do not have to April Fool’s Day, work overtime yesterday was fired today;Winter plans to go to the music festival to drink and listen to the songs together sway, spring to stay indoors;At 7 o ‘clock in the morning, I grabbed the milk from the e-commerce platform. In the afternoon, I received a call from customer service saying that it could not be delivered, so I ordered a refund.I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.By 10 a.m., the hashtag “Don’t Have to Spend April Fool’s Day at all” was number four on the list, and by 3 p.m., it had been viewed 170 million times a day.Faced with today’s hot search, the young man remembered the sentence in the Chinese textbook many years ago: “If life deceives you”, but it is still difficult to do, neither sad nor anxious.It’s kind of sad for young people today.Just five years ago, Starbucks was full of young people pitching powerpoint presentations and stories to investors. China’s Internet industry had emerged as a dark horse.2015 coffee, garage cafe in zhongguancun, billed as “the home of grassroots entrepreneurs” | “China today” magazine today more than the number of college graduates each year, over 10 million in 2022.According to data released by the Ministry of Education, it took 3 years for the number of college graduates to increase from 6 million to 7 million, 4 years for 7 million to 8 million, 3 years for 8 million to 9 million, and only 1 year for 9.09 million in 2021 to reach 10 million in 2022.With the ebb of capital, the shrinking Internet industry and frequent layoffs, the future of young people is becoming more uncertain. No matter which path they choose, they are more likely to be cheated by life.The young people who choose to take an examination of one’s deceased father grind discover, at the beginning of hearing the score likes to go up in one’s mind, again see others heart flustered, the score that can set one’s mind at ease in previous years is unstable this year.Sure enough, March 11, 2022 postgraduate entrance examination national line announced, except for a few majors, the score line generally increased significantly, some even increased by more than 10 points.According to, looking through the records of recent years, the floating space of the national entrance examination is basically around 5 points, and this year’s increase is rare.The final result is that more than 3 million students failed in the entrance exam. Just looking at the numbers doesn’t feel anything, but it can feel the pain: “Failed in the entrance exam” happened more than 3 million times in 2022.Young people who choose to apply for jobs find that “gold, silver and four” have disappeared. Young people who are already working find that the job still exists today, but it does not mean that there will be a job tomorrow.Some young people turn around and find their whole industry gone.Either take the postgraduate entrance examination to rebuild, or take the public entrance examination, change careers from scratch.A few days ago, there was a photo on the circulation. In the transparent storage box, the work card was stacked in disorder and was full.According to the post, it was the badge returned by the laid-off workers.The reason why this photo spread is related to the sudden downsizing and scale attention of youzan, and the more critical is actually the visual impact.Work card brightly colored, you can see the traces of the owner deck, in a blink of an eye has gone their separate ways, fate comes to an end.In the past two years, life has brought young people “surprises” far beyond that.A “thunderbolt” company can scrap all previous contractual commitments.When you ride a shared bike, you can’t get your deposit back, and you have to queue up for a refund because the whole company is failing.That was ofo’s case in 2018, when tens of millions of people queued up to get their deposits back in December and had no choice but to wait (though most of them still haven’t).Beware of shady agents and unreliable landlords when renting a house. Who would have thought that even well-known long-rental apartments would be “thunderous”?In 2020, the lives of young people who had survived the epidemic in the first half of the year are gradually returning to normal, but those living in eggshell apartments will suffer in the second half of the year.If you are still living there, you may have paid your utility bills, and then suddenly be notified that you are in arrears, and finally have your water and electricity cut off.Some residents simply be forced to retire rent, and when retreat rent just discover, said good at the beginning “free deposit” is rent loan actually, the result house did not have to live, loan still have to return.Young people choose to rent apartments for a long time, in order to be simple and easy to pay the monthly payment, but in the end, none of them are occupied, the hole is more than foot.The epidemic has put a damper on young people’s entertainment life.Every music festival that works is a blessing, and when it’s bad enough, you can’t even watch the talk shows.The China Performance Industry Association said on March 22 that more than 4,000 performances had been cancelled or postponed from mid-February to mid-March, and estimated that another 80 percent would be cancelled or postponed by late March.In real life, the experience of cancellation or postponement is even worse, as cancellation or postponement announcements are often not made in advance due to the unpredictable pace of the epidemic.Many young people also wait until the last minute, especially for entertainment events like music festivals, which end up with canceled flights, canceled hotels and even a return trip.Not to mention the Internet crooks who have nothing to do with the outside world.Nowadays, when young people ask for a spouse on social media, they think of “killing pig plate” when they see the “founder”. They are often dragged to download App like exchanging photos: “If you want to see my photos, download them, and there is live broadcast ~” The rich are pigs to be slaughtered, and the poor are walking traffic. There is always a liar for you.”You don’t even have to celebrate April Fool’s Day.There is something in that.They say this is the age of “entertainment to the death”, but the playful spirit of youth has its advantages.If life cheated young people, young people choose to send a post ridicule.Between laughs, the problem may not be solved, but at least the mood is better.And every time being “cheated” is a rational and emotional baptism, young people also grow up in frustration.One of the most popular words among young people these two years is “vigilance”, which was also absent five years ago.Faced with seductive advertising copy and updated digital products, more and more young people know how to “beware the trap of consumerism”.The vigilance of consumerism even prompted the platform to play “reverse marketing”. In 2020, NetEase Yan Xuan launched an advertising slogan of “consumption, not consumerism” and announced its withdrawal from the Singles’ Day of the same year.But young people are equally wary of the practice, seeing it as just another routine.In the workplace, they should be on guard against overdrawing, workplace PUA, introversion, and disguised layoffs.Since “PUA” has been widely discussed, young people have an opportunity to let themselves go in the workplace. There are more layoffs. Young people also know how to ask for compensation at the first time.True to philosopher Nietzsche’s words: “What does not kill me makes me stronger.”April Fool’s Day or can pass, but the young people can in accordance with their own interpretation: “After the April Fool’s Day simply called true self festival, on this day say do yourself tell the truth, the boss asked me to work overtime, I said: I don’t want to.”Or, April Fool’s Day is still April Fool’s Day, except instead of pranking others, it’s a day to celebrate being a fool and still being “stupid.”Happy April Fool’s Day.Reference materials: 1, guangming network: “this year to take an examination of national line generally rise substantially, what does it mean?”2, Silver Persimmon finance: “a line | leave have praise of this day” 3, Xiaoxiang Morning News: “to the end of March the cancellation/postponed performance of about 9000” 4, IC laboratory: “Double eleven war announced withdrawal? 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