Fan Chenghua presided over a video scheduling meeting on the city’s epidemic prevention and control work

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On the afternoon of January 31, after listening to the video scheduling of epidemic prevention and control, The city immediately held a meeting to earnestly implement the deployment requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government.Rearrange and redeploy the epidemic prevention and control work in the city.Fan Chenghua, Mayor and leader of the COVID-19 prevention and control Leading Group, chaired the meeting and delivered a speech. Zhao Hongshan, Deputy Mayor, and Niu Pingchang, Secretary General of the Municipal Government attended the meeting.Fan chenghua pointed out that as the Chinese New Year is coming, all departments at all levels must improve their political position, fully understand the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, comprehensively “look back” on the implementation of all measures, continue investigation and control, tighten responsibility, and make every effort to build a tight defense line of epidemic prevention and control.Fan Chenghua stressed that the investigation and control should be “four-in-one”, strictly implement the “four-in-one” requirements of self-report, investigation, assistance and big data push verification, and ensure that the investigation is carried out as soon as possible, as soon as possible, as soon as there is a return, closed loop inspection, adhere to the same inspection and prevention of people, things and the environment, to ensure no problems.Social meeting control should be strictly guarded, epidemic prevention and control inspections should be strictly carried out at traffic junctions around provincial and municipal boundaries, lantern fairs, temple fairs and other gathering activities should be strictly controlled, and prevention and control should be strengthened in old residential areas without property, crowded places and key places to ensure that nothing goes wrong.Medical institutions should play the role of “sentinel points”, earnestly implement the system of pre-examination and triage and responsibility for the first diagnosis, strengthen the management of fever clinics, strengthen the monitoring of the sales of “four classes of drugs”, such as fever-reducing, cough relieving, antiviral and antibacterial drugs, and conscientiously provide medical services to the masses during the Spring Festival.Quarantine and control should be strictly standardized to ensure the quantity and quality of quarantine points, strengthen control of containment areas and standardized management of centralized quarantine points, implement measures of “six available”, “six guaranteed” and “six in place” for people at home, and ensure various services.Parties responsibility must compaction compaction, two levels of city, county to 24-hour emergency command system is active, epidemic prevention and control command and the member units, various counties (city, area) and we need to shoulder responsibility, strictly implement the prevention and control measures, care for life, good service guarantee a line at the grass-roots level and epidemic prevention workers, with the cadres at various levels of hard work for the happiness and safety of the masses,Resolutely guarding the capital’s political moat “south gate”.◈ official!Handan 3 counties won the provincial new title, congratulations!
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