Hebei small county “heaven drops gold mountain”, dug out a large amount of gold, around hundreds of bones

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This is a small county town in Hebei province, where the villagers can not only pan for gold in the river, they also discovered a hidden “gold mountain”, and dug up a large amount of gold.It is said that there are hundreds of white bones all around the gold, which frightened and frightened the villagers who first found it.So how was this gold hill found?What about the bones?After the investigation of experts, the village legend is really credible?This golden mountain is located in Hebei Manchu Autonomous County.Local villagers have been farming for generations and have no mining experience. They first discovered gold back in the 1970s.It was a hot summer day and the village experienced a drought for more than a month until the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, when the sky suddenly became overcast and heavy rain began to fall.Rain continued for a week, finally lifting the drought, but the rainfall was so heavy that it caused minor landslides and washed a lot of soil into rivers.After the sky cleared up, the villagers were grateful for the “gift” of God, but what they did not expect was that the rain not only moistened the crops, but also brought an unexpected harvest — gold.The gold nugget was first discovered by an elderly man in his 70s.One day, after work, he went to the river to have a rest. While soaking his feet in the river, he noticed that the color of the sand was different from his usual color.The next day, he picked up a handful of sand and rubbed it twice. Sure enough, he found a shiny, irregular lump of metal.Soon, what the old man had seen and heard spread all over the village, and everyone began to look for gold in the river.After every family found the gold sand and gold, we have speculated that the mountain must have a gold mine, all greatly surprised, then organize a vast and mighty mining team.However, busy for more than ten days, from the foot of the mountain to find the top of the mountain, can not find the gold mine imagined, they are somewhat discouraged, had to give up the plan.Over the next few decades, during the rainy season, the villagers panned out gold sand from the river, but strangely, they never mentioned the treasure hunt again.It was not until the popularization of the Internet that the transmission speed of information exploded. At this time, the river full of gold in the village was mentioned again, and became more and more intense under the fermentation of the Internet, and word of mouth spread in Chengde city.An incredible amount of gold in a remote mountain village?The saying has not only become a topic of conversation among Internet users, but also has gradually been noticed by experts.With great curiosity, numerous experts came to investigate, but nothing was found until a geologist arrived and the matter began to unravel.The expert was accompanied by several TV reporters.Upon arriving at the village, the expert was attracted by the stories of villagers fishing for gold in the river. He asked if it would be possible to see what kind of gold pieces were pulled out of the river.A homely, dark-faced, middle-aged man stepped out.It turned out that the old man who had discovered gold for the first time was his grandfather, and the nugget had been treasured for more than 20 years.He led the group of experts to his home, then he went to the back room alone, after about a quarter of an hour, came out with a red package.He opened the package carefully and took out a golden object, which was slowly handed over to the expert.Experts immediately on the “nugget” careful examination, through preliminary identification, gold content is very high, that is to say, the sands really.’Can you take me to the river?”The expert then said to the villagers.Villagers led the expert to the river. It was also the end of the rainy season and the water level was high. The expert could only observe the quicksand along the bank.In fact, local people have already used the wisdom of crowds to create special containers in which the sand can be shaken and sorted out in no time.With the help of the villagers, the expert did indeed see the gold sands, which further confirmed his speculation that there must be a large amount of gold nearby.But in the mountains, trying to find where the gold was was a huge undertaking, and without a definite clue, the agencies would not come to explore.Faced with this difficult problem, the expert is also at a loss, when he does not know what to do, the villagers suddenly mentioned an unknown mysterious legend.And this legend, not only explained the villagers to give up the root cause of gold, but also pointed out the direction to lock the location of the gold mine.It turns out that after the failure of the first mountain treasure hunt, the experience of a local doctor has given villagers hope.At the request of his master, Lang Zhong, then in his early forties and an old miracle doctor in the village, carried his backpack up the mountain in search of a single herb recorded in the Compendium of Materia Medica.However, he searched almost every corner of the mountain, but could not find the medicine. When he reached the top of the mountain, he knew that he was running for nothing, so he angrily prepared to descend the mountain.Just then, he tripped over a root and rolled over until he was near the edge of the cliff.Looking at the cliff dozens of meters high, Lang Zhong was terrified. He climbed up carefully to find the way down the mountain. As he walked, a very bright cave appeared in front of him.He had never heard of the cave before, so he was very curious and approached it. But just then danger began to creep in.Originally, in the mouth of the cave has been crouched several large gray vipers, if the doctor had not noticed in time, I am afraid that snakes have been attacked.But at this time, he suddenly remembered the teacher’s teachings — where there are poisonous snakes, there is an antidote, that precious medicine, whether hidden in this cave?So, the doctor more firmly into the hole to explore the idea, he would like to use the drug snake down on the ground, then lit up the fire fold, carefully into the hole.Although the cave entrance is narrow, but the interior space of the cave is quite large, the doctor suddenly had a sense of enlightenment.Then, with the help of the light of the fire, he looked around. On the stone walls of the cave, there were golden patterns.See here, the doctor can not help but full of doubts, “is this the golden hill that they did not find?”.Then the doctor took a piece from the cave wall and looked at it carefully. As expected, it was very similar to the gold nugget the old man had found in the river.At this point, the lang is more certain of their own judgment, he decided that this is the location of the gold mine we are looking for.But if it’s a naturally occurring gold mine, why are there so many patterns on the walls?Could it be that the ancients had already discovered this place, and had deliberately left a mark?The doctor bowed his head deep in thought.However, the most surprising scene appeared, he found on the floor of the cave are white skeletons, carefully counted, as high as a hundred.Lang zhong scared legs weak, so quickly put out the fire folding, quickly ran out of the hole.Lang Zhong understood that he could not mine gold only by his own strength, and he decided to go down the mountain as soon as possible to explain the situation to others.After all, there is so much gold here that even if a village shares it, it will last a lifetime.So he marked his way and soon went down the mountain.Mysterious cave mysteriously disappeared back to the village, the doctor will tell the whole story, between the village, whether men and women, young and old, like playing chicken blood as excited, and agreed to find gold under the leadership of the doctor.The next day, the rooster just crowed, the people have gathered at the foot of the mountain, follow lang Zhong along the way to make the mark, they climb all the way.After a long trudge, we finally arrived at the cliff mentioned by the doctor. The terrain here is very dangerous, and the old people who are very familiar with the mountains have never come here. They were overjoyed, “Now it’s good, we are developed”.Then, the doctor according to the memory of the day, to the cave orientation.However, when he looked around, there was no sign of a cave. The entrance had become a cold wall, and there was no entrance at all.The villagers were in an uproar, they think that the doctor must be wrong, but the mark stopped here, the cave must be in the vicinity, as long as the people can carefully look for, must be able to find.So they began to split up, but to their great surprise, they searched for hundreds of meters around, but there was no cave at all.Eventually, everybody thinks in series, alleged “golden hill” it is the one side of the story that lang Zhong does not pass nevertheless, it is the lie that he fabricates for sensationalism very likely.After the mountain, Lang Zhong was severely scolded by the villagers, and never looked up from then on, so the legend came to an abrupt end, the people in the village no longer believe there is any gold mountain, began to work diligently.The truth came to light after listening to this story, the expert suddenly realized that he understood that the cave lang zhong had seen was very consistent with the characteristics of gold in geology, so he locked the target in the back mountain, then took reporters up the mountain to find.I saw the back hill was directly illuminated by the sun at this time, sending out if there is if there is no golden light, very consistent with the image of golden hill, however, the fact has given them a slap in the face.After exploration, there was no evidence of gold in the back mountains, and the gold was only produced by the abundance of ancient granite in the back mountains.When exposed to the sun, tiny cracks appear in the granite, which gives it an unusual color that has nothing to do with gold.When the expert was at a loss, the villagers informed him of another piece of news. Not far from the back hill, there was a strange peak.It is said that when there is heavy snow in winter, the mountain never has snow, and it is often hot.Judging by their expertise, experts believe that this is a normal phenomenon in mineral areas.Therefore, he went to the Yuerya again, the geological conditions here is really special, the whole mountain is bare, almost no vegetation.The expert and the reporter kept wandering on the mountain and finally found several caves of different sizes near the top of the mountain.He went into the cave with the reporters and found that the walls of the cave were mottled with gold, vaguely resembling the patterns of human murals.But experts soon discovered that this was not the result of artificial carving, but a natural stack of minerals.Reporters are unusually delighted, at present the case and the experience of the doctor in villager fokelore is completely consistent, is this the golden hill that everybody seeks and cannot get?However, the expert disappointed everyone by saying, “Judging from the characteristics of the stone, this is not a gold mine, should be a common gold and copper mine, mainly used to make sulfuric acid.”When the reporters were dejected, the expert smiled and said, “However, gold copper and gold often exist at the same time, we can look around, maybe we can find a gold mine.”Sure enough, after some exploration, they finally found traces of gold.It turned out to be a dormant volcano at the bottom of the mountain, and a large amount of gold was the product of the violent activity of the volcano.Now that the origin of gold has been discovered, what about the bones of the legendary doctor?The expert decided to explore further.He reported the situation to his superiors, and authorities soon sent an exploration team to the area.After blasting experts found, just behind the discovery of the cave, there was also a huge cave, I saw the vertical depth of the cave reached about 100 meters, 150 meters long, as if an underground palace in general.In the huge cave, they did indeed see white bones, experts on the spot scalp numb, think the cave is a large cemetery, and the gold is buried goods.However, after a thorough investigation, the experts immediately overturned their conclusion, because there were no coffins, nor any other funeral objects, only scattered torches, dry wood.Why and how did these hundreds of people die here?These problems puzzled the expert for a long time, and he finally decided to take the bones back to Beijing for testing.To his surprise, he found that the bones date back to the Tang Dynasty.From this, the experts came to the most reliable conclusion, here since ancient times is the gold mine, because there is no advanced mining technology in ancient times, can only rely on the thermal expansion and contraction of ore.That’s why there are so many torches in the cave, and that’s what the miners use for cooking.Later, experts consulted the county annals and found records of the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, where a major collapse accident killed at least 100 people.It can be seen that the mine lasted from the Tang Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty at least for a thousand years.After testing, the ore in the cave contains up to several hundred grams of gold per ton, can be regarded as a rich mine, according to the preliminary estimate, the income from mining for thousands of years translated into at least several billion yuan.And so, with the help of science, a mystery that has baffled locals for decades has finally been solved.And the legend of Golden hill is not groundless wind actually, scientists discovered the gold mine with rich content not only, and still excavate the history of dusty thousand years, the accidental discovery of villagers brought huge economic interest and cultural value for the country, this is really making a person take a case and cry out.