If you eat a lot of big fish and meat during the New Year, remember to eat more of these 5 ingredients to clear intestines and scrape oil, which is nutritious and greasy

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If you eat a lot of big fish and meat during the New Year, remember to eat more of these 5 ingredients to clear intestines and scrape oil, which is nutritious and greasy.Hello, everybody.I’m Jiang Yizhou, the chef. Today it’s time to share food with you again. Are you ready?Time flies so fast, I didn’t expect that the New Year of 2022 has already been five or six days.I believe many friends have eaten much these days, a lot of big fish big meat bar!In addition to their own family dinner, but also to visit friends and relatives.Especially relatives do rice, but also eat more big fish big meat.Eating too many big fish and meat will inevitably make our bodies fat.In order to our physical health, might as well eat some of the food ingredients of clear mouth solution greasy oh!After the start of Spring solar term, what are the top 5 foods we should eat?New Year want to lose weight friends, might as well follow this article to learn about it!All right, no more talking.Next, I’ll share the dry stuff directly with you.Leek can be said to be a seasonal vegetable in spring, which is rich in cellulose and crude fiber, can accelerate the peristalsis of the stomach.Can get rid of excess oil and fat in the body, if the money is not bad.Don’t forget to eat more spring leeks.Many friends say that eating more leeks is easy to heartburn.The key reason is not to master the correct way of cooking leek.When we cook leeks at home, we must remember to add three grams of sugar.Sugar can increase fresh, but also let leek not heartburn oh.Yams are a favorite treat for many weight-loss coaches.It can not only relieve the burden of the human stomach, but also provide a large amount of mucin, which is a polysaccharide protein.Can reduce hypodermic adipose deposit, be equal to drink water easy to gain fat for the friend, might as well eat some yam more.The most nutritious and delicious Chinese yam is fried with agaric. When stir-fried with agaric, you don’t need too much material.Just add sugar, salt, and vinegar and stir.Many friends who have lost weight know that one of the ingredients they must eat every once in a while is winter melon.Because winter melon is rich in propanol diacid, this special substance can inhibit the conversion of sugars into fat, belongs to the low calorie nutrition, high price is relatively cheap food ingredients.Don’t forget to eat this kind of food if you eat a lot of big fish and meat during Chinese New Year.White radish Chinese New Year big fish and meat eat a lot, be sure to eat more white radish this food material.White radish is a seasonal vegetable in winter, it contains amylase and mustard oil to help our body fat digestion and excreta.If you don’t want to gain weight during the New Year, don’t forget to eat more radish.After the Chinese New Year, if you eat a lot of big fish and meat, you want to eat more cold dishes that clear your mouth and relieve greasy feelings.Clear mouth solution greasy cold dish so non cucumber mo belong to!The special propanol diacid in cucumbers also inhibits the conversion of fat into sugars.After the New Year, the temperature gradually rises.You can make more cucumbers for your family to keep the grease in.Well, the above is the specific sharing of this article.Do you know any other ingredients that will clear the mouth?Feel free to share them in the comments section.Like this article, remember to bookmark and forward.I’ll see you next time.