New Year walk basic level | happy life “cow” up

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Qinghai Daily Rong media reporter Luan Yujia Hong Yujie January 30, the reporter into hainan Tibetan autonomous prefecture, Heyin Town chengguan village villagers Bian Baiping home, he is busy in the cattle shed feeding cattle.In his words, with the care of the Party and the state and the help and support of targeted poverty alleviation policies, his family’s happy life has become more and more “awesome”.”It turned out that the family was desperately poor.My wife had her leg amputated in a traffic accident, and my younger son has epilepsy.In 2016, our family was rated as a registered poor household.In order to help our family get rid of poverty as soon as possible, town and village cadres, village work teams and supporting cadres combined with my family’s actual situation and guide County’s measures to help the poor and benefit the people, for our family to develop a way to become rich by breeding poverty alleviation program.Later, I took out an interest-free loan of 30, 000 yuan, plus industrial support funds of 6, 400 yuan per person, and bought three cows and six sheep.”Bian Baiping said.Bian baiping’s cattle life has not been easy.At first, Bian baiping’s cows almost died because he fed them improperly several times.As time went by, he gradually learned that breeding is not only a knowledge, but also a technical work.Whether it is variety selection, forage fodder, disease prevention and control, management techniques are actually a lot of knowledge.Hillside grazing, field mowing, feeding water, wiping cattle bodies, cleaning the barn…In order to raise a good cow, bian Baiping and the eldest son busy every day before dawn, they put all their energy on the cattle.In addition, Bian baiping actively and humbly consulted local villagers and animal husbandry and veterinary experts with experience in cattle raising to learn feeding management techniques and understand cattle market information and sales channels.Side baiping while groping, summed up a set of cattle raising experience and methods.He told about his own “cultivation” – would rather drive a few miles of mountain road, also want to let cattle drink pollution-free water;He never gave hormones to his cattle, who were fed silage made from pea seedlings, wheatgrass and oats grown on his land.And regularly inoculate cattle to prevent foot-and-mouth disease and other diseases…Hard work has finally returned, for breeding, the edge of the white ping more and more handy.With careful management and careful feeding, the cattle and sheep soon brought him a profit, not only paying off his old debts, but also improving the living standard of his family.After tasting the sweet taste, Bian Baiping strengthened his determination and belief in raising cattle, and continued to invest with the money he earned to expand the breeding scale and promote the “snowball” development of cattle and sheep breeding.At present, the number of cattle and sheep has increased from 9 to 43, with an annual income of 60,000 yuan.Bian Baiping’s success, so that the villagers of Chengguan village saw the way to become rich, they will follow his example to develop breeding to increase income.Bian Baiping, who had been out of poverty, did not forget the kindness of the Party and the care of the government. He taught his cattle raising experience to villagers without reservation and provided them with free sales channels.Led by him, the enthusiasm of the surrounding farmers to raise cattle has been greatly improved. The whole village has more than 10 cattle raising households, raising more than 200 cattle, and the local villagers also rely on cattle raising to become rich.In addition, 14 families, including Bian Baiping, live in the Wajia settlement of Chengguan Village, which is far from the county seat. In his spare time, Bian baiping uses his truck to transport villagers to the county seat for free.Speaking about his future life, Bian said: “During the period when the achievements of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization have been consolidated and expanded, the appearance of our village has undergone tremendous changes. The infrastructure in the village has been comprehensively improved, and the villagers are living a richer life.The party and the government let me set up the confidence of life and get rich again, I rely on the help of the Party and the government and their own struggle, step by step knocked on the door to get rich, on the road to get rich, next I will further expand the scale of breeding, drive more villagers, together on the road to get rich farther!”Qinghai Daily client statement: the above content, except for the source of the manuscript, are qinghai Daily original manuscript, qinghai Daily media platform all rights reserved, without written permission is strictly prohibited to reprint, offenders will be prosecuted!