Qujiang superior + living, the city core park house is about to open

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I believe that many people, have a dream to settle down the main city, last year because of policy, epidemic and other effects, failed to do so, recently, xiaobian learned that the city core has an upcoming opening of the network red real estate, not only supporting mature, but also the current price is quite touching, should be able to let everyone get it, go and have a look!The biggest feature of this project is its distance from millennium Xingqing Palace.The project covers a total area of about 80 mu, with a total construction area of about 550,000 square meters. There are 9 residential buildings, 33 floors high, and a construction area of about 60-265 square meters. The 70-year property right is delivered.It is understood that xingqing Yuyuan first product construction area of about 82-140 square meters, including 82 square meters of two rooms, 114 square meters of three rooms, 140 square meters of four rooms, the average price of 17,535 yuan/square meters, down payment as low as 400,000, want to buy friends can grasp, because, this may be the last time for many people to sit in the main city.The main reasons are as follows: First, the land in the core of the city is scarce. In 2022, there will be almost no new supply except for Xingqing Yuyuan in Beilin District. Second, Xingqing Yuyuan is located in the Xingqing Palace plate, which is the base of the strength of “Qujiang System”.At present, the whole area of Xingqing Palace has been upgraded, and its future development direction has been rebuilt!Combined with the mature urban resources here, a five-line interwoven full-dimensional life map has been formed, which is difficult to be realized directly in any other region.One landscape line park landscape, xingqing Imperial garden is separated by about 750 mu of Xingqing Palace Park;On the east side are nearly 2,000 mu of happy forest belt and Changle Park;To the south is the campus of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University with an area of 3,800 mu.On the west side are the old city wall and the ring park;Overlooking the Ruins of Daming Palace park on the north side, tens of thousands of acres of landscape gathering, living experience is self-evident!Figure | xingqing YuYuan bird’s eye view rendering two education line of xi ‘an is the education center of the northwest five provinces, and here is the xi ‘an university heights.One hundred meters away from Xingqing Yuyuan is a century-old school — Xi ‘an Jiaotong University, followed by many famous schools such as Xi ‘an University of Architecture and Technology, Tiewu Primary School, Affiliated Primary School of Jiaotong University and Tieyi Middle School, and east of The University of Science and Technology, engineering university and other universities, the whole age education union, century-old school teaching team, the future children’s education, the starting point is a step higher.Figure | xingqing palace plate of xi ‘an jiaotong university three health line, extremely rich medical resources, xiking hospital, shaanxi province second people’s hospital and so on more than 3 armour hospital tripartite confrontation xingqing YuYuan within two kilometers.In addition, there are health care hospitals, maternity hospitals and other specialized hospitals, for family health escort!Figure | schematic envelops line xingqing palace plate, with a large number of xi ‘an government, enterprises, business resources, family members’ hospital and all kinds of buildings with master lucrative resources city, at the same time, xingqing palace cultural atmosphere in one thousand, attracting the kochi envelops gathered themselves together, and formed a rare spheres of the environment of a city.Figure | schematic wu entertainment line is also suitable for every age young green Laos entertainment here enjoy the maturing of the plate.Travel, play, entertainment, appreciation, learning one-stop enjoyment, the city wall under the roots of the traditional snacks, the south gate guitar ballad, xingqing Palace Park lakeside stroll, you can also go to jiaotong University library reading, on the court and passionate students of Jiaotong University for a center, or you can go to SKP, Yitian holiday to buy the new tide products…Everyone has no dull time here.Figure | schematic ideal life must be meet the demand of every family, every life.In the second Ring City of Xi ‘an, Xingqing Yuyuan is not only fortunate to have the urban resources of “five lines interweaving”, but also the products can meet the choice of many families. It is understood that the construction area of xingqing Yuyuan is about 82-140 square meters, including two rooms of 82 square meters, three rooms of 114 square meters and four rooms of 140 square meters. The average price is 17,535 yuan/square meters, and the down payment is as low as 400,000 yuan.Friends who need to buy a house should hurry up, after all.Very few projects are branded as “ideal life” from birth.