Shiqing skid: Lianyungang floor skid fluid?

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Shiqing skid prevention: Chongqing hospital ground skid treatment?Chongqing Yubei Datong Road no. 8, there is a professional anti-skid treatment company.They are to do the ground skid system of the old master, I worked there before, you can look for him to see the ground skid treatment plan has the following: 1.Cement mortar or epoxy resin coating, suitable for a wide range.2. Polyurethane materials (such as PU), this material will not feel stiff, but soft, wear-resistant, and has the advantages of elasticity and strong adhesion.3. Propionic acid, silane, vinyl ester and other polymer compounds, such products have lower cost but slightly worse effect than the first two (because in the ground anti-skid treatment of the above three Chongqing Evergrande Jule Cleaning Service Co., LTD., it is necessary to clean the surface of the floating soil, and then use cement mortar to make a bottom leveling.If it is already laid tiles or Mosaic and other decorative materials have to carry out a United States sewing process can.In the basic part of the brush coating (that is, you want to achieve the standard) and then use quartz powder glue in accordance with the ratio of 1:2 with chongqing Yuzhou Road near the hospital ground skid treatment: 1, the use of epoxy resin grinding or brushing primer;2, cement concrete slope, can also lay steel network ground skid treatment, can be coated with a layer of polyurethane waterproof slurry to solve.This construction method has the characteristics of non-toxic, tasteless and environmental protection, and is suitable for coating anti-skid floor in various places